Get Rich With BaZi

Someone asked me If he can get rich with BaZi? He said a guru advocated to be rich is to learn Bazi and not Feng Shui.

Well I certainly do not know what the guru mean but here are my 2 cents opinion.

In the Chinese YiJing study, destiny is given at birth. Meaning that the major portion of what and how our life will evolve through from birth till death are written perhaps even before we were born by Heaven.

But I assume you will know that Destiny is made up of a few parts.

Destiny Natal Chart like the body of a car , it is the most important part that shapes the overall superiority of a person’s destiny. This is the part that determines if one can achieve great things in life or just normal.

Major Luck – this is the major impact that can turn the tide of the Natal Chart and last for 10 years.

Annual Luck this is the yearly Luck with smaller influence but still have sufficient strength to make it the best year or the lowest period of a person’s life.


This portion Some calls it Our karmic Charts, its the karma brought by our past lives. Some would say God has given…

Thus whether your are rich or not was “written” for us even we were born and thus why we were born that particular time and date and why are we male or female.

Can we improve our life or destiny? Of course we can but to completely change it, is for the vast majority is almost impossible. It sounds hopeless but it is not. Its a more realistic view.

After you learn the Bazi system you will be convinced that we were “given” at birth. Why some are so rich and famous compared to their siblings?

Bazi is just an art to help us understand our destiny, our strengths and weaknesses, when is our better times and when is our our low period. From here we can use our human effort to alter the course of our destiny over time.

The only pain is because like what Buddha has said in the 4 Noble truths, we humans have crave, attachment to material being, dissatisfaction that humans want to excel in life made humans to disbelief or cannot accept that’s their life limit.

Thus they attend motivational courses, take an MBA, Learn Bazi etc but 5 years after when they looked back, the reality is that either there were only minor improvements or for some close to nothing. Some had a busy time but produced no significant results. Sounds familiar?

As I have observed over the years, some practitioners were inadequate in understanding their own destiny that they passed away prematurely. If they have read and knew ahead the up coming problems, would they have better prepared themselves? Could they prolong their life albeit some bruises? They all come from the same academy apparently.

That’s also the reason why among siblings who inherited the same DNA from parents, had similar up bringing, they even have who are highly successful while other siblings have a lowly or average life.

Career Industry

Perhaps the most common belief is that, we should select the correct industry based on our destiny favourable element!

What defines stubbornness and perseverance? Success! If you fail, likely others will say you are stubborn but when you look at successful people, they will labeled that Same amount of effort as perseverance. In essence they are the same, both is about holding on to something long enough but with different outcomes at the end. However, to me, it’s destiny.

So how can you get rich with Learning Bazi? Certainly I will agree you can improve life by understanding our destiny and this is not limited to only money! It can be relationships with family, spouse, boss, colleagues or your health etc. This can really “smoothen” life or straighten the road ahead.

Thus for me it’s not get rich with Bazi, rather destined rich by Bazi and not Feng Shui. Our actions, efforts, education, Feng Shui (Grade A), changing our thoughts, positive thinking can really improve our lives. At the end our objectives on earth are ultimately being Happy and useful and satisfying & not to judged solely on material abundance only.

Learning some information about our Bazi helps us along the years compared to just consulting. Thus why I always prefer people to learn and understand their own destiny rather than purely consulting. You will appreciate your own destiny chart better this way.

The new year is near, hope you are prepared to face it.



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