Many Routes Of BaZi

Contributed Article by a concerned practitioner:

I chance upon a very interesting case from another bazi/feng shui master blog and this chart also serves as testimonial for the master. The conversation took place around 4th Feb where the inquirer asked for guidance why her house roof leaks. The master explained that the age of the house, wear and tear is to be expected. Sounds logical and common sense.  

What interest me is that the master inquired if the inquirer’s bazi natal chart have dragon and snake. It turns out that yes there are both dragon (Chen 辰) and snake (Si 巳) in the chart. The master explains that the existence of these two signs generally indicate expenses. What is more impressive is he can deduce this without even knowing or seeing her chart prior. 

I was impressed by this skill and obviously curious by then.

The person’s Natal chart as below:

Then came the questions:

  1. If existence of these 2 signs in the natal chart mean expenses, then the poor fella would have expenses throughout her life of all kind (like we all do anyway) as this is in the chart. Been a born skeptic, I couldn’t accept this line of analysis because expenses are part of life unless it is major unexpected ones. It’s one thing to “Wow” factor and it is easy to diagnose…who doesn’t have expenses?. Therefore, I suspect here must be some other factors involved. 
  2. Why only mentioned about roof leak but no other major expenses?  

To cure my curiosity, I rework the analysis using the lessons we have learned 

The inquirer is going through Gui Mao 癸卯 luck at the moment.  Chart as per below;


See Green Column

When this inquiry was made, it was around 4th Feb. So therefore the incident would have to happen during the 2018 year of Wu Xu 戊戌 (Yang Earth)  

So how do we know there will be expenses of unexpected nature during the year of Wu Xu? 

When we put the inquirer’s natal chart, luck pillar and last year’s yearly pillar side by side, the answer is evident. There is a specific combination structure in the chart between Gui 癸 and Wu 戊 that indicates leaking of wealth in 2018. However, the wealth leak is unlikely to be major expense but rather a minor wealth leaks and obviously unexpected. (For those whom have attended Intermediate 1 course, the method to diagnose is in the lecture notes).   

Same time in the Earthly Branch, there was a Clash between Chen 辰 and Xu 戌. This clash indicates the problem related to the house is possible.

Although Bazi can be utilized to forecast certain events, great care and attention should be given in the diagnosis. For one, I wouldn’t want to link a country’s leader Bazi to natural disasters in a country like some famous masters do. It is easier to reverse engineer but to objectively forecast into the future takes much care and skill and importantly the correct knowledge.  

There are many routes to reading a Bazi but regardless which route one chooses, it has to be logical and repeatable, otherwise it just reduces Astrology down to a wild guessing game or an excellent re-engineering tool.

By Simbad

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