The Different Characters of Direct Officer

The classic says, “If Officer supports Resource, will have achievement in society. Childhood times are very discipline, likes to read, does not let parents worry and concern.”

The classic also says, “If Wealth supports Officer appears, will have gains and great reputations.”

This is the chart of a Gui 癸 Male Day Master.  This chart looks like it qualifies what the classic says.  In his chart, there is Officer supports Resource in the Year Pillar.  He also has Wealth support Officer in the Hour Pillar.  

But he does NOT have achievements, neither does he has gains and great reputations.  

Is the Classic wrong ?  Of course not.  This statement only applies to certain Day Masters and the element of Officer, Resource and Wealth must be the Noble Elements to the Day Master.  Then this person will have achievement with gains and great reputations.  It all boils down to having Noble Elements and Useful Gods in the charts. Hence, having no useful gods in the chart, this chart does NOT qualify what the Classic says.

Noble Elements of the Ten Day Master will be extensively taught by using the Nature’s Way in our Basic and Intermediate Class conducted by Master Alan Chong.

cheers, Auntie Rose


1 thought on “The Different Characters of Direct Officer”

  1. Somewhat unrelated question here. If one does not have direct officer or alternative officer in the chart, will it be impossible for that person to obtain authority or nobility? What if DO or AO is only found in the hidden stems?

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