Oscar Finally

Leonardo Di Caprio

You probably know him from the movie Titanic (1997) or perhaps The Aviator or Blood Diamond. In Malaysia, he is famous for the The Wolf of Wall Street as it is linked to the infamous 1MDB case here.  Today I want to talk a little about him and how his success was imprinted in his BaZi since the time he was born. I think it is now timely to publish this blog post after sitting in the draft cabinet for so long.

After 6 nominations since 2003 only in 2016 he finally gets the Best Actor Oscar for the movie The Revenant …Why? The answer is in the timing from the luck cycle and year.

From the Bazi perspective why is going to be this Luck and This Year? If you look at Leo’s Bazi, he has a very strong Useful God 用神 but unfortunately this Useful God is somewhat being weakened in his natal chart.

How is it so?

leonardo dicaprio Bazi
Natal Chart or BaZi

In this major luck, the coming of Mao卯, completed the 3 combination of Yin寅-Mao卯-Chen辰. Wood energy becomes very strong. This also weakens the strength of the useful God.

Ji earth the Hurting Officer star appears in his chart. Hurting Officer is about performance. Leo’s HO is indeed made him a strong performer. As in my previous article, I have stressed that Hour is the career palace, it makes perfect sense that he excels in the acting work.

Not Earth Industry please….This is inaccurate! Read my blog post on this subject of Industry.

leonardo dicaprio Luck
Major Luck Cycles

2016, the year of Bing Shen 丙申 or the minor luck, comes another Bing on the Heavenly Stem, which greatly helped this weak Day Master. The coming of Shen 申 clashed with the Yin 寅. This clash enhanced the strength of the Useful God & same time created an Alternative wealth (a.k.a. Indirect wealth) clashing Alternative Resource which put him to onto the Top.

Again, is clash all bad? It is important you learn the correct way to read a destiny so we do not dispense the wrong advice or get yourself running around like a headless chicken. 

“Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won his first Oscar for survival epic The Revenant, after six nominations.” – BBC



What can you learn or have learn from this blog post? Life is in some way given from birth and it is timing that decides when it will happen, so while waiting for the time to come, you have to put in the good human effort to cook up the results. So traditional Bazi is not fatalistic but rather being realistic and practical about life.


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