Water Day Masters

Understanding (Ren) Water Character (Yang Water)

Just like waters of rivers and sea or waterfalls, they flow continuously everywhere, and drawn into various kinds of things, the Ren person is worry free and optimistic; they do not mind the past and are filled with courage to move on.

They show enthusiasm in whatever they do.  They like to help others and don’t mind hardships.  They are vivacious, lively, high-spirited, and often become the center of attraction.

They are high adaptable to change in any circumstances.  They are also quick to grasp and will not miss any good opportunity that comes along.  Once the drive kicks in, they will overcome all difficulties to meet their objective to reach their goal.

Ren people are clever, intelligent and full of inspiration.  They can be endowed in both civil and martial virtues, have leadership qualities, and are able to outshine and surpass themselves from others.

Shortcomings are that although they have a well-rounded personality, they are willful.  They can be lazy and this causes them to be dependent on others easily.  Ren people are very fond of freedom, dislike to be restrained or controlled.  As a result, they are not able to hold on to the last-minute at times.  They are also easily affected and get entangled in love relationships.

Understanding (Gui) Rain Character (Yin Water)

Rain and dew are weak and fine, and can be soaked or immersed fully in object.  Therefore, Gui people are steady and peaceful, diligent, hardworking and have high level of endurance.

They have an introvert personality, are honest and down-to-earth.  They can be very weak when managing their feelings.  They are nervous, like to have fantasies and romantic feelings or thoughts.

In order to attain the real meaning of life, they allow their hearts and feelings to lead them to pursue their dreams and goals.  They may pay attention to rules and morals, but due to wishful thinking and fantasies, they may not be able to know and understand reality.  Hence, they can unknowingly engage in meaningless matters, sometimes putting too much thought into a small matter and this could lead to doubtful and distrustful thinking.

Gui people are very pure and innocent, and can be affected over very small or meaningless matters.  They are sympathetic towards others but also can be cool and clear-headed at times.  They are very sensitive to feelings and will tend to hide  their own feelings from others.  Therefore, they can appear mild on the outside.  They pay much attention to the way of life, to live their dreams and enjoy lives to the fullest.

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