Yearly BaZi Prediction

On the second day of Chinese New Year, I have some time to write a few lines on my thoughts on this subject. Every year masters around the world start to predict the future of the world or country using various Bazi as reference but the most common ones here is using the Li Chun 立春 as Reference Chart.

Happy Chinese New Year.

For example, for this year the Metal Rat 庚子 year begins on Li Chun 立春 which falls on 4th February 2020, 17:03 hour which will give you this BaZi.

2020 Li Chun BaZi

why I do not agree to such predictive method? First its mainly for entertainment only. I am a serious practitioner thus I do not enjoy entertainment BaZi. Why is it an entertainment? Well if you know a little bit of BaZi you should be able to follow this logic. Every year Li Chun starts on Yin 寅 Month which is February. Month is also the season but Yin Month is where Wood is the strongest element. Don’t tell me that every year wood industry is the thriving industry?

This is not logical. Will earth usually be the weakest industry if not all the time? While the Day Stem will change every year, this alone cannot be used as unique reference.

Secondly, one must understand that BaZi is an astrology tool that reads a person’s destiny. If you want to do a prediction, then you need to use a divination tool such as Yi Jing or Feng Shui especially Flying Star system. Even if you want to use a BaZi in a divination format, it must have the essence of randomness and not a have fixated factor such as the month in this case.

Perhaps the public today is more interested in entertainment value astrology than understanding or appreciating the true art of Chinese Metaphysics despite some are well educated.

If you want to know your own luck this year, then reading your own BaZi will be more meaningful. Well, if you are going to have a good year, even if your industry collapse, you will still do better relatively. So why is there a need to listened to an irrelevant prediction using an weak method? Either one gets happy but nothing happens (shiok sendiri) or got apprehensive but it too did not materialized (hair drop) ?

I hope this blog post will wake up some people’s mind up especially those who truly loves the real art of CM.


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