How To Read Bazi In 5 Seconds – Part 2

Coming back to this topic of quick Bazi reading in 5 seconds, lets continue to our traditionalist point of view in BaZi as an astrology tool. A tool used for centuries to guide human race to a better outcome. You may want to read Part 1 first if you have not.

The first quick reading is for Property one needs Earth element dominant in the chart. We attach here 2 charts belonging to property tycoon as well owners of conglomerates. Conglomerates means that they have multiple business sectors and not limited to property.

Both charts have earth but not a lot. Thus it raises the questions that if earth is the sole indicator of being a property investor or developer, then I think easily 80% of the world population could be in this field and yet there are only so little.

To be successful on stage it seems that the primary choice is to look for the “Hurt Officer God” in the chart or in short HO. For a Wu 戊 Earth person, the HO would be Xin 辛 Metal. Here is a chart of world renowned motivation guru who has written many books and constantly on stage. Why did make his success in motivation and education instead of property since he has much Earth element.

Unfortunately this chart has none as far as 3 pillars is concern and more so in the Month pillar.


Here is another Bazi of a famous and successful coach from UK in the football scene. In his chart below, he has no wood in the 3 pillars (more so in the month pillar) yet he is an well celebrated coach. Prior to taking up role of a coach, he was a great footballer as well as a top striker. Funny if you noticed his chart there is hardly any Output element or “Hurt officer” to be specific which should be the metal (庚/辛) element. 75% of the chart hardly any metal.

Thus you see he has not much of wood to qualify as a coach nor HO to be a great footballer. Where is the shortfall in the modern theory then?

Traditional BaZi and Useful God

Should have any of the above person have had a consultation, perhaps they would not have been where they are today. The advice they received would have altered their course of the lives doing things that perhaps deemed “unfavorable” to their destiny.

If I can design my destiny according to pure free will, I would not spent time and money to learn BaZi. I would rather spend money on hiring a coach to teach me the life skills may it be investing in shares, property, running businesses etc. Perhaps a boot camp with Anthony Robbins or Robert Kiyosaki will be a better choice? The irony is that many are still struggling…..Why?

For traditional school, the idea of locating the Useful God or Yong Shen is paramount and this may not be an easy task that can be done in 5 seconds. Our destiny should be aligned to our Useful God and not the other way round. Some elements are naturally disadvantage for us and thus we try to avoid it before it comes. Forget about herd immunity concept when it comes to destiny if you know what I mean. Going with your unfavorable elements only draw down the results.

Useful God 用神 & Not Just Any Elements

Take for example, if you are not destined to be rich, going into property could lead you to bankruptcy and perhaps suicide for some people. Recently a young dentist chose suicide as a means to solve his problem of mounting debts due to failed property investments.

We commonly hear, if it happens, then of course you need not be crying over it as motivation gurus used to say, what is the point of crying over spoil milk? Rather look at event in a more positive light that this lesson will enhance our live wisdom. Pause…..Think…..What if you were given a chance to avoid it all together? Will you take this information to your advantage?

Don’t be a wannabe CEO in the mind alone. Ask yourself do you have the destiny to be a CEO? If not ? What do you do if your destiny tells you that your realistic achievement is a just a Manager ? Ignore and push forward (contemporary thinking) ? Resign to fate and cry (twisted traditionalist) ? Perhaps a mix of both to strive for a senior manager (real traditionalist) ? What do you think ? What make better sense to you ?

This is what Traditional Bazi does, avoid stepping on the shit in the first place and not trying to be positive after we have stepped on the shit. Its a whole different perspective. Thus why astrology in the past such as Bazi has been used to guide emperors and officers to the safer path or to the path that suits one’s destiny so the outcome can be more favorable. Traditional Bazi is not fatalistic but rather holds the view things can be improved.

Lastly, let me share a phrase that I love and it has been my guiding principles in life. Do you have a guiding principle? If you have not, perhaps consider this so the world is a better world.



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