Why Do You Want To Learn Bazi?

A pertinent question seldom asked by the student’s themselves. I believe it is because you wanted to learn how to be ABLE to read Bazi and so you can predict your future! If you can, that’s good but unfortunately many are still lost in the jungle of Bazi, let alone to grow rich with it.

Here is what we received from our student after attending our Foundation Practitioner Class.

Hi Master,
It is great to learn bazi the nature way from you. I have learnt bazi from other sifus but not able to understand it well. The course layout and step by step in reading bazi has help me to read it easily. I have more confidence to read bazi after the course. The limited participants in the class also help us to read our own bazi as part of exercise.
After the class, I read my wife bazi which is just a normal one. She got promoted since 2018 to head a subsidiary of a listed company. I didn’t have a clue why she got promoted if I read bazi the other sifu method. With the nature method, I realised that she is in her luck pillar and has a combination effect at her day master and career pillar. Wolla.
Thanks again sifu.

There are many schools of Bazi and each has their own unique ways. It does not matter which school you learn as long you can achieve the above objective. However, if you are not able to achieve the objective despite attending many, then perhaps it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Ask yourself these pertinent questions:

  1. Are you stupid or lazy?
  2. Have you lost the interest or passion for it? or Why did you lose it?
  3. Was the knowledge you acquired deficient in many ways?

From my experience as a student before and as a teacher today, almost all the cases, the reason is lies in 3. The reason is obvious, if you do not have the correct knowledge, then you will be wandering about aimlessly. It is like not having the right key to open the door of wisdom.

When you have the right key (knowledge), then you will be able to open your treasure or in Bazi terms, the peep to your future. It is only then you are able to strategize your plans more effectively. What if your peep tells you a robber is a waiting ahead of you? Are you going to be better prepared or take an alternative path or prefer to walk on the path unprepared telling yourself that optimism will send the robber away?

If you believe that there is absolute freewill, then any astrology system does not fit you. The basis for all astrology system on this planet, is the believe that our life on earth is partly destined or fated.

That is the main reason why most cannot achieve the objective of learning BaZi. If you want to learn Bazi the NATURE’S WAY, visit our website.


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