Roger Federer – 20 Grand Slam Titles

After keeping this blog in the draft box, perhaps it’s time to release this post to public. Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam titles in Tennis and perhaps more to come. With such achievements, was it by chance, by personal effort or was it destined? Let’s see what ancient Chinese Astrology of Bazi has to say.

BaZi Chart of Roger Federer

What does his Natal Bazi Chart Says about his abilities? Born in Switzerland on 8 Aug 1981 in the Chen 辰 (dragon) hour, he has shown exceptional abilities in the field of Tennis sports. To obtain his chart, there are many free online Bazi Calculator that you use. Just simply fill up the birth information and choose Male for sex.

The BaZi Calculator will translate the English birth date to the Chinese Bazi Chart as shown below.

BaZi Reading

Wu 戊 day master (mountain) born in the season of Autumn, where metal element is the strongest. Metal to this person is the Output which also translate to talent. However, the metal Xin 辛 on the Year Heavenly Stem is combined with the Bing 丙. This combination can bring in the wealth factor to Roger and he does has hidden wealth in his Bazi Chart.

But do you notice that one of his strong element prevalent in his chart is the Fire element? Fire produces Earth and thus Fire element is known as the Stamp (Resource) 印 element.

Due to the 2 丙, likely he will be a generous person who will have. Concerns for the general public. His strength and stamina comes from this Fire element. Why? If your guess is Stamp (Resource) element, then you have missed a big deal.

Useful God

One of his Useful God would be the Water Element. This is no wonder his strongest achievements is during the Water Luck of Gui Si 癸巳 and Ren Chen 壬辰.

Can you Guess his next Favourable element ?

A chart with Useful God is an achieving chart one way or another. This is the true classic of the art of BaZi reading. Without a good grasp of Useful God then one can read the person’s destiny correctly. Only when you have the right information only one can find a true solution to one’s life.

So many have tried motivation with world leading motivators but yet how many have reached the pinnacle of life? What is Destiny then? Only personal effort, just positive thinking or something given at birth?

In the end, a concern for a Bazi student at the back of the head is how to read this Bazi and predict his outcome correctly? Many have studied from famous teachers or many teachers but I believe not many is not able to read this chart if I have not told who’s chart is this.

Reverse engineering a chart can only do so much when one begins to learn. By saying reverse engineering, I mean that one knows the outcome and work backwards to match back the theory. Reading a BaZi Chart is most intrigue if one has not got the right knowledge.

It is only when you have obtained the correct knowledge in Bazi, only then you may truly help yourself and others. Until you achieve this, all remains a “matter of perspective”.

If you like to get the correct knowledge, enroll for the next coming class. Nature’s Way of Bazi – The Authentic Way.