BaZi Theories

There are many Bazi theories out there but unfortunately, not everything is correct or works.

Here is a simple example how one person’s bazi can be read using the common theories available out there and why it does not tally with the person’s real life!

Imagine you go to a Bazi Consultant and he or she points you to a wrong direction in life because they have not acquired the correct knowledge, you will have a bad life or make a detour in life that caused you precious time. Frustrating?

Watch the video below:

The example below belongs to a average man who sometimes just make enough for family. Due to long time suffering, he converted to Christianity in hope to find solace with his challenging life. His life did not improved after many years of conversion but he found his solace because he changed his perspective of life. Instead of getting frustrated with money and career, he has turned his focus on God so his attention in money sort of got diluted. This brought some peace for him or in his words some answers to his predicament.

Learn Nature’s Way Bazi at

Destiny is given to a large extent regardless what religion you believe in, Nature has HIS own ways as always. Thus sometimes having a different perspective in life helps but you can do this better when you understand your own destiny better.

This is one reason why I have advocated people to learn some basic Bazi knowledge.


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