Do I Have Marriage Luck?

Hi master, do I have marrige luck?
DOB : 26.10.1990
Gender : Female
time : 11.30am.
Location : Sabah

Received one request from a user asking about her marriage luck without giving much information. Is Bazi able to tell something about her life without asking her to reveal her life story. This is very common in astrology shows or Facebook live session, where one has to reveal everything first in order for the “master” to reveal the answers. This makes it no more a Bazi talk show but a motivational talk similar to this radio program on local radio 98.8, 大城心事, just talking about solutions after the damage has been done.

Let’s first plot the Bazi Chart 八字命盘:

There are several reason that comes to the conclusion about this person’s marriage luck that Bazi can tell.

Without going into the technicalities, we just delve on the outcome.

This lady for one loves the attention of men, has high aspirations in life and can even do quite well in career but however when it comes to love life, things are not that rosy.

The chances are high this lady will get into relationships at an early age and if she is not careful, can even have early pregnancy or abortion. It boils down to her character who is a very daring person and rebellious when young.

When it comes to meeting guys, usually the guys she meets also are not of an ideal candidate. Somehow, good guys seems to be out of reached or is it that difficult to find one for her.

Perhaps she too may not realized that she has a very difficult character to please as well or perhaps her abilities is way above her partner’s.

It reminds me of a song by Sam Hui, Tsim Sha Chui Susie, 尖沙咀SUSIE .

Destiny is such, sometimes, we do not like the things that is happening, nonetheless, we have to learn to accept it and find a solution around it.

大城心事 show talks about solution but if the people who goes there for advice has knew their destiny ahead, then things would have be less painful for them. There is a saying that “Prevention is better than Cure.” True?

Bazi is a good tool to help guide us in life but it needs the will of the owner to change certain things.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Bazi Advice

Our advice is to be more down to earth in matters related to relationship. It should not be mainly the looks, the machoism or even don’t believe about love at first sight. Maybe put it the other way, get to know the person better before going serious too soon.

Do not need to argue all the time. Sometimes just be a lady, just as you would like him to be a gentleman. Choose your words wisely when you speak. Get the point over and stop.

Control your temper and emotions.

Adjust your expectations. Nothing is perfect and don’t expect one if you want to get into marriage.

All these can help you move towards a better marriage or even a lasting marriage.

If you are the owner of this chart, do write to us at and tell us about this reading. Thank you.


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