Post Graduate BaZi Class

Post Graduate Bazi is a course specially formulated for students who have graduated in Bazi Courses from other schools but still need more to be able to read Bazi more proficiently. There are heaps of information out there or given in those courses but again why there is a problem with reading Bazi?

Through out of years of teaching, coaching & consulting, we realized the simple reason why many, after graduation still are not able to read Bazi, is due to missing links in the general Bazi courses offered out there in the market or the absent of a system of Bazi knowledge. Today we have found a system that can assist students read Bazi much easier. This has been proven by the many classes that Master Alan has conducted.

Making Bazi Reading Possible…

Thus these missing links knowledge are vital to the reading of Bazi with better proficiency and accuracy. If student aspire to be able to help their loved ones and guide them into the correct path, this is a course you must join. Master Alan speaks from results and feedback from his clients and students. So with all these together, he has come out with this special course just for graduates like you to help you able to read Bazi based on the feedback and encouragement from students who had benefited learning Bazi from him.

Thus the aim of this course is to help graduate students of Bazi to start reading normal structures of Bazi charts.

This post graduate Bazi course is a 4 days course with the following program objectives:

Day 1 – Reestablish the concepts of Bazi and provide the missing links knowledge.

Day 2 – Reinforce the vital concepts not taught out there such has Strength of Day Master, Noble Elements, etc.

Day 3 & 4 – Advance concepts for 10 Gods, Clashes, Combination, Fan Fu Yin, Tomb Clash, Prediction of Events, Interactive 10 Gods, Structural readings etc..

Examples are all along the lesson and find it all out in the Meet the Trainer Session.

Each class is limited to maximum of 8 students at one time for maximum effectiveness so it will be on a first come first serve basis.

The best way to know is to attend Meet the Trainer Session and get your questions about the course clarified by filling up the form below.  Date:   26 May 2018      Time: 11 am – 12 noon. 

Requirements – Graduate of Bazi study. Enrollment suitability is dependent on previous certification levels. This course is Not suitable for beginners as there are some basic concepts that will not be taught in this class.

Certification – Post Graduate in Bazi.

Fees: Enquire in the form below

Course Date:   — 2018           Time: 10am – 5pm daily

Venue: Bukit Puchong Office, Kuala Lumpur