Flower Goat 乙未 2015

Read here a posting by Master Benson Yeo what’s in for your Day Master.

The Year 2015 the Flower Goat 乙 !

Yi Wei

Lets get it start and what is install for the 10 DM in 2015:

甲 DM meets Rob Wealth on Direct Wealth.
乙 DM meets Friends on Indirect Wealth.
丙 DM meets Direct Resource on Hurting Officer.
丁 DM meets Indirect Resource on Eating God.
戊 DM meets Officer on Friends.
己 DM meets Killing on Friends.
庚 DM meets Direct Wealth on Direct Resource.
辛 DM meets Indirect Wealth on Indirect Resource.
壬 DM meets Hurting Officer on Officer.
癸 DM meets Eating God on Killing.

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