Seasons of Birth 

Most of our articles has been about 5 elements, 10 Gods, Noble elements, Day Master and it seems one important has not been discussed and that’s the Season!.

Season of Birth in Bazi plays an important role in many aspects. However, this knowledge has been widely misunderstood.

Just to give new readers a quick introduction in this subject of Seasons. As we all know there are 4 seasons namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In each season there is a strongest prevailing Qi. For example, during Spring, Wood element is the strongest or during Autumn, Metal Element is the strongest.

Then one needs to understand which months belong to which season. For example, the month of Yin 寅 and Mao 卯 belongs to Spring while Shen 申 and You 酉 belongs to Autumn.

3 Stages of Growth, Peak and Tomb.

Then in each season, which consists of 3 months, are categorized into 3 stages of Growth, Peak and Tomb. Each stage has their own significance, role and meaning.

How To Find The Season of A Bazi ?

After you have plot your own Bazi Chart, look at the month pillar and Season it is represented by the Month Earthly Branch. If we look at Chart X, Yin 寅 is the Month Earthly Branch thus that is the season of the Bazi. Since Yin 寅 belongs to Spring, thus this Bazi is regarded as having a Spring Chart.

Here are a few charts to illustrate.

Below are both Chart X and Y. Which chart has a more fulfilling life and does better in career?

So what is the significance of the Season to our Bazi Chart?

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