Encounter the 10 Gods in Module 2

In the recent concluded Module 2 class, our graduates have braved through the challenge of Encountering the 10 Gods.

The 10 Gods syllabus from Destiny Empire is profound and in depth and you can read our student’s Testimonial.

10 Gods or Shi Shen (十神) in Mandarin refers to the 10 Heavenly Stems that wears the 10 different Hats.

To find out the relationship between the 10 Gods, you will need to understand 2 fundamental concepts and that is Yin & Yang and The Production and Control Cycles.

In our earlier articles, we have explained the concept of Yin & Yang in the 10 Heavenly Stems. Example, for Wood the Tree or Jia will be the Yang Wood while Yi or the Flower is the Yin Wood.

Here is the table of the Production and Control Cycles.

The Solid lines represents Production Cycles while the broken lines represents the Control Relationship.  Let me illustrate using the Wood again as the example.  Wood produces Fire but Wood is being Controlled by Metal.  Wood in return will control the Earth.  Wood is being produced by Water.

Understanding these 2 concepts is vital in the study of Metaphysics in particular Bazi and 10 Gods.  How is the 10 gods derived?

For Example if you are the Jia (Tree) Day Master, If Jia (甲) sees another Jia, he sees a friend;  If he sees a Yi, he sees a Rob Wealth;  If he produces the same polarity, he sees Eating God and if he produces the opposite polarity, then he is seeing a Hurting Officer.  When  Jia controls the same sex, he encounters Indirect Wealth but if he controls the opposite sex, he encounters Direct wealth.  When Jia is being control by the same polarity element, Jia sees 7 Killing and control from opposite sex sees Direct Officer.  Jia being produced water of the same sex, Jia is said to be produced by Indirect Resource while water from the opposite sex is Direct Resource.  The same rules applies to all the other 9 Heavenly Stems.

Their influence in a person’s Bazi or 4 Pillar is when a structure is being formed.

Next, why does one need to understand the 10 Gods? Who are they? What do they represent? …Stay tuned for more.


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