10 Gods, Who’s Who In Your Life ?

In the last article we talked about how the 10 Gods (十神) was derived but what is the significance of knowing the 10 gods? Chinese classics has lots of information written on the subject of  10 Gods in Bazi.

Technically speaking, the 10 gods represents many things or relationships in Bazi or Destiny Analysis but today we are going to talk about Family Relationships. This is easier to illustrate.

Just to caution readers that 10 Gods is only 1 method to tell relationship. There are other methods to further tell relationship in Bazi too. 

There is a difference in representation for Male and Female when it comes to relationship and the way it is structured is very much based on ancient Chinese culture.

Here is how it goes:-

For Males:

For Females:

This is just an simple relationship diagram. If you can understand the concept you may derive more relationship from here.

After you have understood this chart then you may understand how each of these people reacts to you the Day Master in your Bazi Chart. You can see who is close to you, who can benefit you, who can harm you, who brings you wealth, who causes you all stressed up…ALL is in your Bazi Chart.

This subject is taught in Advance Bazi this June 2014 by Master Benson



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