Bazi For Beginners Course

In continuing our effort to promote Bazi as an Art of Destiny Management, we would like to kick start in Malaysia Bazi for Beginners with the aim to  putting beginners on a right path towards reading Bazi. Many a times, the biggest suffering for Bazi enthusiast is the inability to read Bazi despite having attended many courses.

This will be the first step to Learning Bazi…

While this one day class is not meant to make you an expert, it nonetheless puts your perspective right in first understanding Bazi and later to read Bazi.

Topics that we will touch on are:

  • Heavenly StemsWhat are they actually?
  • Earthly BranchesWhat they do to us?
  • Hidden StemsWhat are they for?
  • 5 ElementsSo important yet always overlooked it’s meaning
  • The Production-Control CyclesIs producing really producing?
  • ClashesAre they good or bad?
  • CombinationsHow to remember them easily?
  • Palaces What they represent?
  • Strength of Day MasterOften misunderstood and difficult to determine.
  • Noble ElementsThe Missing link in Bazi?
  • 6 GodsHow can we read Bazi with only 6 gods?
  • Bazi ExampleHow to read and access a Bazi with real examples.

Don’t judge the content by the price, you never know what you will learn.

Post Course Photos:


Fully satistied with “Bazi for Beginners” course conducted by Master Alan Chong at Subang Square.
Highly recommended. Master Alan is truly a great teacher! – Yvette Teoh

More of what students say…

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20 thoughts on “Bazi For Beginners Course”

  1. Hi,

    Any advice on the following is much appreciated.

    1) For a female born Feb 13, 1966, 5:00 AM:
    YEAR : Yang Fire / Yang Fire HORSE
    MONTH : Yang Metal / Yang Wood TIGER
    DAY : Yin Water / Yin Wood RABBIT
    HOUR : Yin Wood / Yin Wood RABBIT

    – She has weak water, strong wood and dead metal (resource) in spring = WEAK WATER person, and therefore favorable elements are Metal & Water? Or is this a Follow the Leader case (Follow Son (Wood)), and therefore favorable elements are Wood & Fire?

    2) For a male born Jan 18, 1961, 5:15 AM:
    YEAR : Yang Metal / Yang Water RAT
    MONTH : Yin Earth / Yin Earth OX
    DAY : Yin Metal / Yin Water PIG
    HOUR : Yin Metal / Yin Wood RABBIT

    – Weak metal, strong water, but strong earth (resource) in 3rd month of winter = STRONG METAL person, and therefore favorable elements are water, wood and fire? Or is this person a WEAK METAL, and favorable elements are earth & metal?

    – Any idea about the compatibility between these 2 persons?

    Thank you very much for your time and help.



    1. Hi Tom,
      The female favourable element is indeed Water and Metal but need to figure out which metal and water for there is Yin and Yang.
      The male is considered a strong Day master and the favourable element is earth and water but which earth and water for there is Yin & Yang.
      You can read the Correct Way of Understanding a Person’s Destiny Book to find out more.


      1. Dear 甲子,

        Thank you very much for your information. For the male, I thought a strong Metal day master needs water and wood or fire. In this case, he has no fire whatsoever during the cold winter month, so I thought he’d need water and fire instead of water and earth (resource) as you said, could it be a typo?

        I live in the U.S., so please let me know if an English reader would be able to understand the book you mentioned easily (as far as language is concerned). Also, for a beginner in BaZi, are there any other books that you’d recommend?

        Again, thank you very much for your time and help.



      2. Hi Tom
        This book is good and simple for beginners. You can get it at Master Benson’s website.

        Usually a strong person will not want more earth but for Xin Day Masters, this Ox Earth is favourable to this person. With this favourable element, this person is usually lucky and taken care off. This bazi is lacking 1 important ingredient, Fire but which fire is the key.

        Reading bazi is more about nature of the bazi in totality than just purely balancing the weight of each elements.

        I hope you will enjoy reading the book.

  2. Dear 甲子,

    I truly appreciate your help and generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience.



  3. DOB : June 09, 1973
    Hour : 09:20AM

    Strong Fire DM

    What year will I be in Money Luck?
    What is my True lucky element wood or metal??


      1. Yes, water there are Yin and Yang Water. Only Yang is useful to you.
        Bazi Chart is read by the Nature and not merely by Production and Controlling cycle.
        Metal has Yin and Yang too…only Xin is usable in your case.
        This is read without knowing your sex.
        If you can, get Master Benson’s Correct way of Understanding a Person’s Destiny Book.Things will be much clearer.

  4. Hello I am female with this chart
    Hour: Xin Si
    Day: Geng Shen
    Month:Wu Wu
    Year:Wu Chen

    May I ask what element would be favorable to me,is it wood and water?
    I noticed get along well with people who has Ding chou day pillar but not with Bing Xu people and I also get along well with some people with Jia heavenly stems.Does it mean people with Jia and Ding Day heavenly stem would be suited to be my partner?

    1. Hi Anika,
      Generally Jia and Ding is suitable to but to judge individual suitability you will have to look at the entire Bazi. Character compatability is one factor to look into & the Bazi could hide some unfavourable elements to you. So you have to conclude by looking at both Bazi.
      Regards – JiaZi

  5. Hello,

    Could you please advise me on my chart:

    I’m female born on 10 December 1988 at 16:20

    HOUR: Yang Water / Yang Metal Monkey
    DAY: Yin Earth / Yin Water Pig
    MONTH: Yang Wood / Yang Water Rat
    YEAR: Yang Earth / Yang Earth Dragon

    My day master is weak earth. I do have four earth elements in the chart, so I’m not sure if that makes it stronger at all. In that case my favourable elements should be fire and earth..
    But then I was also thinking, it would be a follow the leader “water” chart where water and metal become my favourable elements? Although I have quite a bit of water, I wonder if too much water will create a dis balance..

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Ksenia,
      This is a normal chart but heavy water element.
      DM is considered strong.
      You can check for your noble elements. Bazi reading is not so much about balancing elements.


      1. Thank you for your helpful response. Just to clarify, the DM yin Earth is strong and the favourable element is fire and water?

  6. Hello, the amount of conflicting information out there is confusing. I need a little advice. Thanks.

    I was born on Oct 16, 1980. Time: 5.05pm. Male.

    Year: Geng Shen 庚申 (Metal Metal)

    Month: Bing Xu 丙戌 (Fire Earth)

    Day: Ren Xu 壬戌 (Water Earth)

    Hour: Ji You 己酉 (Earth Metal)

    1) My bazi chart has totally no Wood elements at all. Thus, is it a good idea to seek out more wood in my life to achieve elemental balance? For example, career choice that’s related to wood, a partner with plenty of wood in her chart, a living environment with plenty of wood, home decor choice etc.

    2) I heard the Day Master is the most important part of any bazi chart. I have a ‘Yang Water’ Day Master. Has it been weakened by its surrounding elements in the chart?

    3) Some bazi charts include certain gods and stars, for example 七杀 and 华盖. How do these additional information influence the traditional bazi chart?

    Thank you and happy year of the Monkey (my year!) to all of you reading this. 😀

    1. Hi CK,
      For Q1, you may read this link
      As for Q2, you may read this link
      Q3 deals with Gods and Killings method. This method is the very initial method of bazi reading and many still uses it, however, Zi Ping dropped most of this stars when he redesigned the Bazi system. It depends which method you choose to use. Because of the nature of gods and killings being very general, there are bound to be people who will experience what it predicts. Just like the law of probability.
      Each art is designed as system by itself, in the beginning, but today people like to mix method for so called better accuracy but I think is to cast a wider net so chances of hitting the jackpot is wider.

      HappY Fire Monkey Year.

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