BaZi – Self Examination Tool

Essentially this is one of the key role of Bazi Astrology. Our destiny is made up of 5 Elements reacting with each other in a defined manner taking into consideration of Yin-Yang factors that mould us into who we are.
Life cannot be in perfect balance since with 5 elements it is always hard to balance. Thus you have something, other things will be lacking.

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Bazi For Beginners Course

In continuing our effort to promote Bazi as an Art of Destiny Management, we would like to kick start in Malaysia Bazi for Beginners with the aim to  putting beginners on a right path towards reading Bazi. Many a times, the biggest suffering for Bazi enthusiast is the inability to read Bazi despite having attended many courses.

This will be the first step to Learning Bazi…

While this one day class is not meant to make you an expert, it nonetheless puts your perspective right in first understanding Bazi and later to read Bazi.

Topics that we will touch on are:

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