Why Is Bazi So Difficult To Read?

In our years of learning, sharing, teaching Bazi or Phat Chee or 4 Pillars which ever name you call it, we find one very interesting dilemma faced by students from diverse schools and some even who have completed very high level of study, still many ask this question,  “Why am I still having difficulty even in starting to read let alone reading Bazi?”.

To those who to our website, we have some affinity and I hope to share some of our experiences as well as experience from Master Benson Yeo.

Master Benson has spent many years studying the art of Bazi reading and he is one of the very few, I would say talented in this field. He maybe far from being famous but he is one of the very few capable Bazi Master that we have come across. We only can say that we are happy and honoured to have learn and benefited from his findings and teachings.

One reason many students cannot read Bazi is a distorted understanding of the Basics of the Art of Bazi. For example, many mix up the strength of Day Master and Strength of the Day Master Element. Once this understanding is in your way, it will be difficult to understand what’s instill in life for us. There are many concepts in Bazi that most people learn in current market has mixed up all and becomes confusing to students.


The concept of Noble Elements is important to the understanding of Bazi. With this mastery, one can tell a good from bad Bazi very fast. The list goes on and on and until we achieve that clarity, it will be difficult to start reading Bazi.

The other reason most student cannot read bazi is because they have a weak foundation. Many would rationalise that, “I have finished this and that advance level, how can my basic be weak? “. Weak here I mean that many many many students who are so so so eager to read bazi and they will past by each chapter only at skin deep level. If at every chapter one makes a superficial effort, it is difficult that the end result is going to be strong and solid.

In the art of Bazi, each layers or chapters can give us many pieces of information but only if we “slow” down to see it.

Lost of confidence is the eventual outcome!. When one is so fired up on graduation day, starts to read bazi the next day, some right mostly not accurate, then the fires slowly slowly gets weaker and till the day, self doubts sets in. The reason is again due to the first two reasons mentioned before.

Finally before parting, here is a little tip, Bazi is an art of multidimensional viewing. So some skills in logical Imagination will help you along the way.

Seek out the correct method and go through it step by step with patience and focus, surely you will be able to start reading Bazi.

Happy Bazi Reading!


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