The 5 Elements of Bazi vs The Wonders of Nature

What is Nature?  According to the Oxford dictionary, Nature means physical power causing all material phenomena.  And how is Bazi related to Nature?  In this case, we have to go back to ancient times where Classical Bazi was founded 5000 years ago in China.  During those times, of course life was very simple and it only revolved around nature, nothing else.   Ancient people used the natural resources nature had to offer during different seasons as a means of survival.  And that is how Classical Bazi was founded.  It is about how seasons affect nature, based on the 10 types of Nature which comprised of 5 Elements and their Yin and Yang aspect, and their interactions.

Let us talk about Nature in relation to the 5 Elements.  Extracted from Master Benson’s book ‘The Correct Way Of Understanding A Person’s Destiny’ –  “We know that the sun (Bing Fire) can warm the sea (Ren Water) and provide food for the plants (Yi Wood).  Water is needed to grow the environment with the help of the sun.  Without the sun, cold water cannot grow the environment.

Aggressive water will also wash away plant and uproots trees (Yang Wood).  Metal (Geng Metal) can cut down the trees to be used for timber to build houses and make fire (Ding Fire) to produce heat.  The earth (Wu Earth) can prevent flood and good earth (Ji Earth) is needed for sowing and reaping.  Rain (Gui Water) is needed to moisture the soil.  Metal or gold (Xin Metal) found in the earth can be used as an exchange for food etc.”


The above is how nature uses the interaction of the five elements of fire, water, wood, metal and earth, and the 5 elements’ usefulness in relation to nature.

Our Bazi School utilizes the usage of Nature as a mean to conduct our courses, thus making it easier for students to relate to and comprehend better.  Hence, our methods of teaching are very different from other schools.  With the use of Nature, students are able to analyse and interpret the Bazi charts with ease.  This will be extensively taught in our Bazi classes.

For more information on our courses, please email us at or refer to our Courses Page.  You may also purchase our basic book, “The Correct Way of Understanding A Person’s Destiny” to get a better understanding of Nature in relations to Bazi.


Auntie Rose


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