Bazi Analysis – A Motherly Clash

A mother was lamenting to me about the her current predicament about all her daughters rebelling with her and it all happened during this year. It’s just too much to bear for a mother who had dedicated her life to upbringing her daughters. Now its like a sand storm situation in her home.

Today, all her daughters are doing well both in relationship as well as career. I have to say that she has done well as a mother in not only upbringing the girls but also fed them well and educated them well. As a result of her prudence, the girls have started out in life way better than most average kids, including me. They have not need to suffer the “inconvenience” as I did.  I wished too I have a mother like her. Haha…

To add salt to the wound, the husband who just recently returned from a long overseas assignment, brought about more stress to her.

Of course it is painful to experience when not one but all girls are cohesively got together to go against the mother just for a small reason. Trust me it’s really a small matter blown out of proportion case. I can really feel her disappointment.

After lending her my ears, it suddenly came to my senses, hey, lets take a peep at her Bazi. Here is her Bazi:

The Bazi Analysis

So there you go, she has clash between Wu 午 and Zi 子 and this is a clash involving the children. These type of clash is termed “violent” clashes. It brings about disagreement between mother and children.

Then we have also during this major luck cycle Jia 甲 + Ji 己 combination. This combination down graded the children luck in her chart bringing about reduced affinity with children. This is the second contribution to the problem.

The coming of 2017 brought about Ding 丁 the Improper Officer (a.k.a. Indirect Officer) that causes stress to the Xin 辛 Day Master. This Improper Officer is pretty strong in her chart, it is no wonder she felt the heat of the stress pretty quick. This stress factor is also contributed by the husband & has something to do with money.

So you can see sometimes a Bazi does in fact tells something about our current state of being and it only happened this year! The past has been well and fine.

After lending her my ears, it is time to perhaps give her some advise. I said that since the energy in her destiny caused the disagreement she has 2 options. One is that she goes according to her destiny and fuel the situation further or she can choose to divert her attention to something else and let the storm pass by.



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