A Destiny Foretold 

A client came to me early this year before Chinese New Year to ask about his yearly luck or annual forecast. I told him his authority (translated as Officer) is going to be challenged.

He told me then that he is in the process of selling his shares in his company to a new investor and shall remain in the company for 2 years as part of the package to ensure a smoother transition.

HOUR    DAY    MONTH      YEAR     LUCK      2017



Now just end of May he told me that things seems to going not in his favour. Seems that his new investor is wanting him to “retire” way ahead of schedule. He is now rather apprehensive because he has not planned anything yet for his post retirement though he could take a short break.

Such an early exit will cause some restructuring on his financial plans as he has still some new unsettled commitments.

He has been foretold but he did not take the advice seriously but rather seen it as a honeymoon year since he has supposedly plenty of time to plan his post retirement plans.

Bazi sometimes tells us ahead of time but it is up to us to act on it. Now he has “lost” 6 months of preparation time.

The 6 Clash 六冲

However, I also told him that this is a good clash in his Bazi between the Yin 寅 and Shen 申. In 10 Gods it means a clash between the Resource and Wealth. This clash will bring about new ventures in life and it will produce a more fulfilling future for him.

To be continued….

While Bazi may not tell us the nitty gritty of life, it is nonetheless good in giving us an overview of our path in life. The rest is depended upon us to fill in the gaps.


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