Improper Resource or Alternative Seal

Alternative Seal is also called by some schools as Indirect Resource but the actual term in Chinese is Pian Yin (偏印). It’s counterpart is known as Zheng Yin (正印)  or Righteous Seal or some schools call it Direct Resource.

Resource is the element that produces the Day Master in the 5 elements of Production cycle but due to the Yin – Yang polarity they are accorded the title of Righteous (Zheng) and Alternative (Pian) accordingly. In some school of thought, Improper Resource is said to be less preferred than the Proper resource since Zheng usually gives a more upright, moral and good side picture while Pian usually gives the more scheming, cunning or less law abiding image. Pian 偏 in Chinese usually brings about the idea of  an “illegal” connotation.

However, in my opinion this thinking is very regimental.

Go Kong Wei 11/8/1926


                   Day   Month   Year                 



This is a chart of a man who lost his father at a young age and family wealth at the same time around his teenage time (13 years old) but later slowly begin to built his business.

His break came after he entered the luck cycle of Ji Hai 己亥 (1957). Ji Hai is also known as the Officer | Rob Wealth pillar. From there on, his wealth just grew.

His Wealth is enormous. He has holdings in telecommunications, financial services, petrochemicals, power generation, aviation and livestock farming. As of 2015, Go is the second richest entrepreneur in the Philippines, with a net worth of over USD $5.5 billion, ranking behind Henry Sy. There is not much about him as he stays rather low profile.

He is a multi talented person with businesses ranging from trading, manufacturing, property development and chains of malls.

Gokongwei, Jr. received the Management Man of the Year 2017 award from the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP) at the Shangri-La at the Fort. He is the 41st recipient of the award, which is given to those who have distinguished themselves in the practice of management.

Gokongwei, Jr. is the founder of JG Summit, a conglomerate that has stakes in various industries, including Cebu Pacific, Robinsons Land, Universal Robina, Robinsons Bank, PLDT, and Meralco.

Bazi Analysis

This 壬 day master was born in the month of Alternative Seal AS (Shen 申 ) or to some school Indirect Resource. Shen 申 carries the metal element and since in the 5 Elements Production cycle, Metal produces Water, thus Metal or Shen is known as the Seal (Resource).

Shen is also the beginning of Autumn season as well as the Growth stage of Water. Fire as far as 3 pillars are concerned is weak. As most have read, earthly branches carries weight that is triple of the heavenly stem. With only superficial energy, how can one be second richest in his country? Perhaps there are different ways of reading Bazi?

Most of the time AS is known to be an undesirable element compared to his counter part the Proper Resource or to some school Direct Resource. What is significant is this person has two AS in his chart in the form of Shen 申 and it is in Season or timely. What is more critical is there is a Clash between Yin and Shen. What does all these significance mean?

How has the the Pian Yin has influence his destiny to achieve such significance?

It is frustrating to many aspiring practitioner of Bazi trying to understand the secret of Bazi decoding.

What is the truth in Bazi decoding? What is the Correct Way of Understanding a Person’s Destiny?

The Bazi Truth IS…

The Shen Resource gives him self reliance

  • “When I wanted something, the best person to depend on was myself’’ (Gokongwei, 2008).
 He is good in spotting opportunities
  • “A true entrepreneur can find opportunities everywhere” (Entrepreneur Philippines, 2011).
  • “I see an opportunity and go in. If that is an opportunist then I am an opportunist. But before we go into anything, we really make of what… that’s why we have been… 90% successful in our ventures” (Tan in, 2009).

Inquisitive mind – A trait of Alternative Seal.

  • “Is there a market? That’s very important. When you find out that there’s a market then you say, “Who are your competitors? Do you have a chance against those guys if you put up your own factory or your own business? The third question, obviously, is do you have a capital? And the most important, the fourth thing is: do you know the business? If you don’t know what you’re into, can you get people to help you’’ (Entrepreneur Philippines, 2011)?

Passion & Frugality & Working Hard

  • “You have to love your work. You have to save money instead of spending all of it. Look for areas you can compete in. Work damn hard. Most importantly, you have to love it” (Entrepreneur Philippines, 2011).
  • “Especially when you start, you have nothing in your pocket; you’ve got to be frugal. If you want to make one peso and you spent two, you’ll never make it. You must be very stupid if you don’t know what you should save on. Sure you have to eat three meals a day and wear a pair of pants and a shirt. But when you have no money and you go karaoke or disco, I would call that stupid’’ (Entrepreneur Philippines, 2011).
  • “I was working while my peers were all playing, but I always thought I was having twice their fun” (Khanser, 2007).

Fearless & Competitive – stems from Confidence.

  • “It’s not that we did not fear the giants. We knew we could have been crushed at the word go. So we just made sure we came prepared with great products and great strategies. We ended up changing the rules of the game instead’’ (Gokongwei, 2008).
  • “Competition is good for the business and every human endeavor. It improves the product, and improves the person. Without competition, you don’t improve yourself. As long as you’re making money, you think you’re okay. When you’re open to competition—especially around the world—you get to be very good” (Entrepreneur Philippines, 2011).
  • “I am competitive by nature. Competition is good for the soul” (Entrepreneur Philippines, 2011).

Generous Tycoon

Compared to other business tycoons, Gokongwei is one who can be considered as the most generous in the sense that he is very open to share his regimen and stratagems both in life and business for public consumption, a condition which is favorable to every Filipino who wants to alleviate his economic condition by means of entrepreneurship and likewise, in the process of doing so, help in building the country’s economy.

Deciding on the one you marry is the most important decision you’ll ever make.

Marry a good person. Your spouse should be an ally in happiness and not a source of misery. The challenge is to find someone who shares the same beliefs and principles and can be your partner in parenthood and all aspects of your life.




2 thoughts on “Improper Resource or Alternative Seal”

  1. This is interesting but also very confusing especially for non-chinese beginner learners like I am. So I’m going to ask the most basic (probably the stupidest question). Isn’t resource in different polarity supposed to be the direct resource (righteous seal). In this post, he’s a Yin Water (Gui), shouldn’t Yang Metal in Shen be considered his righteous seal instead of alternative seal (indirect resource?

    Thank you!

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