Are Leaders Made or Born?

This is an old classic management question that most management student will probably be asked in their examinations.

What is my Bazi Astrology view on this?

When we examine a Bazi we are able to tell their potential in life from the virtue of the Bazi Chart. So in some way some are pretty fated. You may cross examine back Obama and Trump or Richard Branson chart.

Since the Bazi chart is able to foretell a person’s potential, we say this person is fated to be rich or powerful or the marriage is going to be good or otherwise.

If we conclude in such manner, thus the answer is very clear that Leaders are Born!. That is a mandate of Heaven (天)

This is clearly mentioned in Di Tian Sui 滴天髓, the ancient classics of Bazi Astrology. It is known as Tian Dao (天道)

However, life is not so straight forward. Human’s from religion point of view has to offer us alternative views. In Buddhism, we say that humans has the potential or intelligence to make decisions. There is a story of a monk that once was asked by a man, if the bird in his hand is alive or dead.?

The monk replied, if I were to say its alive, you will crush the baby bird to death. If I were to say the baby bird is dead, you will release and the bird will fly. The moral of the story says that we have the power to choose or decide.

I remember a friend who used to tell me that there is a verse in the Bible that says, “God help those who help themselves!”

If I were fated to have 8 kids but I choose to stop at 4 child, I may undergo surgery to prevent further birth. Is this a choice that I choose to take?

Another way to say if I were offered a radio or TV appearance, knowing this will launch me to fame but I choose not to take up the offer for some reasons. Is this not clearly a choice I took? The opportunity was presented to me but I decided not to take it up. Clearly it is then a choice I made voluntarily.

So to say that humans are entirely succumbed to fate is also incorrect. If we were to conclude in such manner, we may say that Leaders are Made, so long we step up to it!

This is the majority of motivational gurus stand point. Clearly they do not succumb to Fate!

This is mentioned under the section of Earth Dao and Man Dao (地道 人道).

I would like to use this analogy to describe what I think. Fate is like a car with out of alignment wheels that will tend to make the car skew to one side. However, the driver can keep the car going straight by compensating on the steering wheel.

There are 2 types of leaders that exists whether they are categorically made or born. Born leaders usually have the easier path to success because they possess the natural ability (gift from Heaven) while Made leaders will have to depend on their choice or decision to be a leader. They will have to have the grit to achieve the desired position someday.

To be in world class, this achievement can be made but to be world champion, having that in born quality makes this a stronger possibility.

As for me, I believe we always have a choice or decision to be or not to be. We cannot blame everything on fate or destiny or blame it on circumstances etc. We have to take part of the responsibility ourselves whether we are going to make our life a success or failure story.

I would like to end this blog posting by saying that “If we are not born to be, we can still choose to be.”

In our Bazi destiny chart, there are clues as to how we can achieve our aspirations easier, so Heaven is kind to have left this precious knowledge with mankind. The Bazi will reveal our hidden potential and the rest is all about Grit!



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