Infidelity Chart

I received an Bazi Course promotion sometime back and in that article, it tells about how to find out if the spouse has potential of playing infidelity. It says…

  1. Lots of Indirect Wealth (for men) / 7 Killings (for ladies)elements in the chart.
  2. Having lots of Peach Blossom stars – Peach blossom stars are the 子,午,卯,酉。
  3. A clash in the Spouse palace.
  4. Has many output elements, good likability factor that creates opportunity for infidelity. – Usually they say this has got to do with Hurting Officer 伤官or Eating God 食神。

Britney Spears allegedly cheated on Justin Timberlake, according to an ex of hers unfortunately named Jason Alexander (not *that* Jason Alexander). She was previously accused of cheating on Timberlake, who was probably just too awesome and well-adjusted for her, with her choreographer at the time Wade Robson.

Britney was born on 2 December 1981 in the hour of Chou,

Ok let’s run through the 4 criteria outlined by the BaZi course marketer.

  1. She has only Direct Officer as in Xin and You. Thus she did not fulfill the criteria.
  2. Peach blossom star. Yes she only has You. Well I would not call it fulfilled but its up to individual call since the marketer did not specify how  many but I guess one does not fulfill the criteria for “a lot”.
  3. Clash in the Spouse palace. Britney’s chart do not have a clash here, so did not fulfill the criteria.
  4. Forth criteria is output. Since for Wood Day master, the output element is what the DM produces so in this case its the Fire element. She has only a small fire hidden under the Yin. Thus in this case it did not fulfill the criteria.

Britney did not fulfill any of the 4 criteria laid out but still she commits the act. That’s because she has a combination feature in her BaZi that shows the potential of committing the act. Anyway it’s just a potential.

Anyway if we were to follow the 4 criteria, then I guess most readers would have fulfilled at least one. Have you played adultery lately? Probably more than half would say no. Sometimes a single criteria may not be effective to cause an outcome because Bazi has multiple layers of information. The one criteria that exist may manifest in other ways due to the structure of a chart.

For example, having Peach blossom does not mean adultery, it may mean better human relations factor. It all depends on the structure of the chart. Another example, a clash in a chart involving  the spouse palace may mean a change in adobe or moving abroad or a divorce. To singly decide based on one criteria is rather premature.

I guess if one cast the net wide enough, sure you will catch quite some number of fishes. Thus this is the case of modern situation of Chinese Metaphysics. Casting the net wide so most people will fall into the criteria. A rather fail safe strategy.

Human Luck 人才

Furthermore,the marketer or school ignores that human has the ability to decide or that human can be affected by the surrounding environment. This happens because they tend to view life only from the ambit of Bazi but again, can Bazi be 100% accurate given the fact that we humans have ability to decide and adapt the environment? Else the word evolution would not have existed!

I have always insisted that not everything that happens is due to Bazi or Feng Shui. Sometimes it is our decision that shaped the final outcome. If we can resist the temptation, even if our Bazi says so, we can still avoid it.

My point here is this, while there could be some coincidences with the 4 criteria, a setting of such generalization will confuse the public and bring some unnecessary strain to some relationships. This is why my masters always tell me and remind me that the art of Chinese is very dangerous if it falls into the hands of very business minded people because while it is alright for anyone to make a living out of a skill that brings value to others but to scare people and mislead can be rather apprehensive to many couples.

You do not need to worry if you have one or two of such features. Bazi is about our life and destiny and many a times, there are multiple possibilities that makes our Bazi pretty complex and it is so true when you see how it is reflected in reality.



1 thought on “Infidelity Chart”

  1. Yin tiger and hai pig here is the destroy combination.
    Jia wood and Ji earth is actually the combination into earth, but failed because earth is weak in hai pig winter season.

    that’s all I know…

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