Singing Legend Sam Hui

In the wake of the suicide case of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain just last 2 weeks, it makes me think, why do people choose to go this path of taking one’s own life. They have fame, success, money and fans, yet they are not happy. It was then I remembered this song 浪子心聲 (Heart of a Loafer) by the evergreen Cantopop singer, composer, musician and also actor, Sam Hui.

Undeniably I grew up with his songs and I have to admit I am one of his fans. Now that I have gained good knowledge in the art of Bazi, I am very much interested to see if its true to what I believed and what he has sung in one of this best hit song, 浪子心聲 released in 1976. In this song there is chorus 命裡有時終須有 命裡無時莫強求.

He was born in Canton, China and he started his career at the age of 20 and his popularity grew in the peak around the 70’s and early 80’s. Till today his song is still very popular among many Cantonese speaking people. He writes his own song, lyrics it and even sang them. Not many have this type of talent. After getting popular, he ventured and into films and made a few movies together with his brother Micheal and Ricky Hui. Unfortunately, Ricky the younger brother left couple of years ago.

Till today he is still singing and occasionally puts up a concert around the world.

Enjoy his song below:

This song was composed by him and Peter Li, lyrics written by him and of course sung by him as well.
難分真與假 人面多險詐 幾許有共享榮華 簷畔水滴不分差
無知井裡蛙 徒望添聲價 空得意目光如麻 誰料金屋變敗瓦
有時終須有 命裡無時莫強求
雷聲風雨打 何用多驚怕 心公正白璧無瑕 行善積德最樂也
人比海裡沙 毋用多牽掛 君可見漫天落霞 名利息間似霧化

Roughly translated as
It’s hard to tell the true from the false
People’s appearances are deceitful
Who will share in your glory
And also share the water droplets from your eaves?1

I was as ignorant as a frog in a well2
Hoping to find fame and fortune
Overeager and short-sighted
Who knew my golden palace would become a wreck of failure

If life destines something for you, you will have it in the end
If life destines you never to have it, there is no point insisting it

When lightning strikes, and thunder roars, and wind howls, and rain patters,
There is no need to be afraid
So long as your conscience is clear and your heart is just
The person who does good deserves the greatest joy

If life destines something for you, you will receive it in the end
If life destines you never to have it, there is no point insisting it

People are as the sand of the sea
There is no point worrying too much
You see the sunset in the sky
Fame and fortune disappear like that mist

Bazi Chart Analysis

Here is the Bazi of Sam Hui (hour unknown) converted from his date of birth 6 Sept 1948 to calculate his BaZi.

His Bazi is one with many Useful element or we call it in Bazi terms Useful God 用神, it is no wonder he can achieve such feat. His Bazi indicates that his health is the chart’s weakest point. The presence of Useful Gods is important for his to achieve such success and feat. A chart without Useful God can only hope that much. Heaven has “written” his life for him at birth. What a lucky chap!

When we learn how to decode our destiny or BaZi, we are able to understand our destiny better. With this clarity, we can better manage our lives. BaziConsult was founded on this believe that if one knows and understand his destiny better he or she will appreciate and better manage their destiny versus getting a consult. Most consult will end up the client forgetting what to improve months later.
Summing Up

So I believe to what he says When its heaven given (destiny), you will have it, when it is not then don’t insist (命裡有時終須有 命裡無時莫強求) but does this mean we just resign to fate or destiny and do nothing ?

Of course not!. Human effort is like the chef, Even if all ingredients are of the best quality, it is meaningless if it not cooked by the chef. Thus effort is important for sure. What he is trying to say is that, after you have tried your best and things does not work in the direction that you want it to be, do not feel despair or depressed. Learn to accept that with all the best effort and intention, that is not meant to be for you.

Being happy is about accepting life after best effort put forward and learn to be contented. Being successful but unfulfilled is like dying in pain.


1 thought on “Singing Legend Sam Hui”

  1. Soooo beautiful – the lyrics. The words are simple yet deep and truly meaningful. They make us think and concurrently correspond what is being said to the life we are currently living. I guess, in a nutshell, being happy is what we need to strive for. Fame and fortune, fans and wealth, may be able to prop and lift us up into the skies, but for a moment in time. And when all euphoria and novelty of what the bring or represent wear off, we need to be mindful or get ready for a potential crash. Nothing is forever. Nothing stays up there for too long. What comes up, will eventually come down. And the higher you are, the harder you fall. Yet, a person who had never known fame or what wealth could truly afford you, may not necessarily be subject to the heartache of having all that taken away from you… because you never had it in the first place. Left unchecked, fame and fortune can grow into monsters that could consume you. As we know, lust for power, wealth and all that is worldy is an insatiable beast. So, we must be careful as to what we wish for, or if we are not strongbenough to tame snd train our ever growing needs, these creatures would eat us alive. From inside out.

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