Should Diana Have Married?

Princess Diana was the love of the public but she wasn’t so to her husband and to some extent her mother in law, the Queen.

As a practitioner of Bazi Astrology, would it be able to foresee this tendency from her Bazi Chart Analysis?

She is a Yin Wood 乙 Day master born in the peak of Summer and the Fire element is prosperous. The earth element is second strongest element in her chart and this represented her wealth element.

She got married during the Bing Shen 丙申 Luck in the year of  Xin You 辛酉(1981). This is when the presence of metal element being strong. Metal element to a lady Yi 乙 wood day master is the husband.

That was her happiest moment. It happened so because the real husband god arrived in the form of Shen 申 the Monkey zodiac.

The marriage started to fall after she gave birth to Prince Harry in 1984 (Jia Zi 甲子), after she found out Charles was seeing Camilla, just 3 years apart after their marriage.

Such a lovely soul but sadly the marriage ended in a way that is not to the expectation of any women by any standards. How could this be?

  1. For a start she does not have a real husband god in her natal chart.
  2. Wealth element is too strong in the chart. Wealth to a women is the Mother in Law.
  3. Marriage palace is under the influence of a combination that created more Fire 🔥

She got married in the Bing Shen luck and that was her happiest moment. It happened so because the real husband god arrived in the form of Shen the Monkey zodiac.

But why her marriage is short lived. According to news, she discovered that Charles was seeing Camilla after giving birth to Prince Harry. This was during her major luck of Ding You, 丁酉.

The above are the 3 major reasons are enough to say marriage is not her cup of tea. The other reasons not mentioned here would be just like adding fuel to fire. Even if the husband was someone else, the problem would have manifested in a different form but with the same outcome.

The reason we learn Bazi is to decode our destiny. If destiny says marriage is not going to be blissful, what do we do? There is a choice to be made. A choice to disbelief and go ahead with the marriage or accept whatever the outcome may be with an open heart or be happy single or learn to accept the outcome should it comes. From there we are again faced with fresh choices to take and each new choices we make, drives us onto a different path.

When destiny calls it will open the path for us to walk through. So sometimes life is like walking through a narrow alley.

Like it or not we don’t really have an alternative route unless you know Feng shui, maybe there is a small chance of a escape route. It is a matter of how we react to the situation determines if the road is going to be more or less horrific.

The series of choices that we make constantly, sets the outcome of 2 person with the same Bazi apart!

Also, don’t underestimate the power of acceptance. Accepting that fact is perhaps the best solution under the prevailing circumstances. Acceptance allows us to move forward and a chance to lighten the emotional baggage.

Life’s choices are usually tough because of the unknown future. BaZi serves as our kaleidoscope to the future but one that can only see blurry image of our future. This is already helpful in helping us to pick our choices or minimizing bad choices if we work on the advice and the given time, we could bend the future to our favor.

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    1. Yes we did a brief on Diana marriage. Skillon is not related to us. It’s ok we are open to anyone wanting to use it for their students case study. Ultimately the interpretation is different. 😊

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