Old Thoughts of BaZi

In the old days the father is usually very concerned about the Bazi of each child and especially if the child is a son because the son is going to inherit the wealth in old Chinese tradition. But then back then there were no Cesarean procedure and thus they had to rely on actual birth date and time to obtain the Bazi analysis.

The father will engage the master to decipher the son’s Bazi if this son is going to be favor him or bring unfavorable luck to him. Fast forward to modern times, where there is Cesarean procedure available and where son or daughters carries similar status, parents still are anxious to know if that child is going to bring him luck or cause his business empire a downfall. So while somethings changed over the centuries, some old thoughts still remains till today.

Does Cesarean Birth Selection work?

I will blog about it sometime in the future. Before we even touch on such complicated subject, lets spend a short moment to think about the old views or thoughts in this modern world.

Thus if the master says this son is unfavorable for the father, thus the usual recommendation is the have the child sent far away to stay with a relative or sent overseas to boarding schools as soon as they can. Some will say to “give” the son away by way of having a god father or god mother to the child.

If the son is favourable to the father, needless to say he will enjoy all the love, money and future will inherit the biggest portion of the inheritance. I have a friend who only have the photo of the younger daughter in his facebook because it was after the birth of this child, his wealth grew steadily.

So what is my thoughts based on my understanding on BaZi as a tool for Destiny analysis since I am practitioner and teacher of this art?

BaZi is an astrology art based on the Date and Time of birth and this would be seen as being static or fixed till the day we leave this world. So how does one reconcile the fact our life is dynamic and not static nor carved in stones?

I have always believed that destiny can be Altered but not Changed and how would we know if that actions we took in the past is going to change our live? So mother nature will always send a messenger. His messenger can be your wife, your child, your boss and the list goes on. Thus from the BaZi of your spouse, we can see your life and that goes the same for your child. These messenger will influence your destiny henceforth.

A Real BaZi Case Study

This chart shows his eldest son will be someone who will make it in life but not so much for the other children. This was given to the son since he was born via the father’s chart. If your Bazi skills is authentic, you should be able to spot it.

The reality is that his eldest son is the one who makes it big in life. The other siblings had to depend on the this brother more or less.

Thus why I don’t really believe in much hyped up marketing where they will always showcase wealth as a sign of success since success without fulfillment is fake success. However in the current age where material well being is being revered, it is no wonder that wealth is a measure of success. Is it true? I think I have not read any religious doctrine what emphasize wealth as the measure of success.

Since a person’s success in life is pretty much determined at birth or even before birth. Its just who will be that lucky messenger who will be born to be his eldest son!

Another example would be “Why would one end up in a divorce when their Destiny do not show one?” Its because it shows in their spouse’s chart!

What I want to demonstrate here is that our destiny are influenced by the people surrounding us and not just our own Destiny Chart per se! It may be our parents, siblings, spouse, children, boss etc…

I see some children who got sidelined just because the father believe that that child brought him bad luck when his business collapse after the child was born or blamed the wife for his downfall for giving birth to the child. Don’t punish the messenger for he or she was sent to tell you a message. If you have picked up the signal, then you would have been able to mitigate the problem.

So the entire things is complex workings of the Karmic forces of the universe or karma of the parent and partially the child.

Our Choices…

In the end, its nobody’s fault. Life evolves as it goes along based on our own karma. Since karma is a result of our actions or choices we made in the past, we should not just blame anyone for the bad things that happen. At the end it was our choice as well isn’t it? Thus why in solemnizing marriages, the lines that goes along…”for better or for worse…”. If more people understand this point, I think the world has less abandon child, less traumatic childhood, less divorce and overall a better place to live.

If you take out all the emotions of the events, then the saying, “Everyone comes into our lives as a blessing while some to teach us a lesson.” 

I do hope this article will change the old skewed thinking on destiny. Destiny doesn’t punish, they just tell us the story, it is up to us to alter it or live it as it is written!

So long 2018, let’s look towards 2019 for another exciting chapter in our life’s journey.

Merry Christmas 🎄 & Happy New Year 🎊

Alan & Rosie


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