The Deadly Kiss

I know its a little late to talk about this case since it has been a few months since this scandal has happened. Due to my busy schedule, its better to be late than never.

A little background of Jacqueline Wong and why 2019 she was exposed in a scandal by a taxi video involving her and Andy Hui in Hong Kong. Andy Hui was married to Sammi Cheng.

Jacqueline Wong Sum-wing (Chinese: 黃心穎, born 23 January 1989) is a Hong Kong actress and television presenter signed to TVB. She is also a former pageant queen who won the first runner-up title for Miss Hong Kong 2012 and placed in the top 12 talents at Miss World 2013.

Jacqueline Wong was born in New York City and migrated to Vancouver at the age of 7. She was studying her Master of Business Administration at the University of British Columbia when she joined the Hong Kong beauty pageant and entered the entertainment industry. Jacqueline Wong is the youngest sister of four. Her eldest sister (Scarlett Wong) is currently a lead artist and host under ViuTV .

Wong is skilled in dancing and speaks fluent Cantonese. Lets look at her career timeline

BaZi Astrology of Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline was born a Soft Water person in the Winter month of Chou the Ox. She has dominant Earth element.

Earth element represents the Officer and thus she has both the Proper Officer as well as well as the Alternative Officer. Officer represents for a women, men! Ah ha….getting the picture ? Furthermore, she has a Clash between the Ox and Goat and this some how has some bearing on her marriage luck.

Her Success & BaZi Analysis

She got her first break through in 2012 after winning runners-up in Miss Hong Kong Pageant. She was in her major luck of Gui Hai 癸亥 where water are both her favourable element. Subsequently she was top 12 in Miss World pageant 2013.

2013 the Snake 巳 was her wealth element and very soon she landed her first drama show.

The Scandal & BaZi Analysis

However it all happened while she was still in her same Major Luck of Ren Xu 壬戌 that started in about 2014. By April 2019 she was in the media over a video showing how she was flirting with Andy Hui while she was in a relationship with Kenneth Ma.

Ren Xu Luck is not that good for her due to the clash between the Dragon 辰 and Dog 戌. Earth clashes usually give rise to complications especially if it’s not favorable.

Character is Destiny….what is it that in her BaZi chart that indicates a potential flirtatious character?

The Clash

During the month April of 2019, there was just too much earth in her Bazi. Officer can also mean trouble or stress points. If she had understood her BaZi and take actions to control the men factor, then it would not have happened. This scandal has caused a lot of damage including she being dropped from the lead role in TVB drama.


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