Strong And Weak Day Master

Think of Roxette, I think of Marie Fredirksson and Per Gessle. It brings back fond memories since I grew up listening to their song. I still remember the old cassette tape playing “Listen to your Heart” , “Dangerous” etc. Unfortunately Marie, just passed away from her long battle with cancer of the brain she suffered back in 2002. I will be missing her voice.

In the system of Strong – Weak Day Master , the first task is to determined the Strength of Day Master. The outcome could be a Strong Day Master or Weak Day Master. If you make a mistake at this stage, then you will have problem with the diagnosis and prescription. Most student gets stuck here.

Below is her BaZi chart. She is Ding 丁 fire person born in the season of Snake 巳. Fire person born in Summer is said to be born In-Season. Being born In-Season is one of the main criteria to decide this person is a Strong Day Master.

Marie Fredriksson

Strong Day Master

According to this theory, a Strong Day Master will have the Output and Wealth as Favourable elements while Resource or Parallel to be Unfavourable. Thus, following this logic for a Ding Day Master, Wood and Fire element is considered as Unfavourable.

Since Wood is the Unfavourable element then she should not do well during Wood element Luck if you were to subscribe to this theory. However, if you do a reality check on Marie’s life timeline, then the opposite has happened. Read on…

1989–1992: Roxette’s international breakthrough which was during the luck of Jia Yin 甲寅 which is a full Wood Pillar. Jia Yin started in year 1986 and ends in 1997. Can you imagine the consequences if one got the wrong advice?

The Look” was issued as the third single from Look Sharp! in Sweden,[7] and was a top ten hit upon release in January 1989.[23] The following month, the track unexpectedly entered the Billboard Hot 100,[32] despite the duo not having a recording contract in the US; the local branch of EMI had previously rejected Roxette as “unsuitable for the American market.”[33] “The Look” topped the chart after just eight weeks,[32] and went on to peak at number one in a total of 25 countries.[34] The parent album eventually sold over 9 million copies worldwide.[35] “Listen to Your Heart” was their second number one on the Hot 100, while the album’s final single, “Dangerous“, spent two weeks at number two.[36] Fredriksson ended 1989 performing on-stage as part The Husbands, a cover band formed by Lasse Lindbom and Niklas Strömstedt.[37]

In 1990, she contributed a cover of the Evert Taube composition “Så skimrande var aldrig havet” (English: “The Sea Was Never So Sparkling”) to the tribute album Taube.[7] The same year, Touchstone Pictures approached Gessle to compose a song for the upcoming film Pretty Woman. As he did not have time to compose a new song—Roxette had recently embarked on their first international concert tour[22]—a new edit of their 1987 single “It Must Have Been Love” was created, and featured prominently in the movie. The track became their third number one on the Hot 100, and remains one of Roxette’s best-known and most successful singles.[38] The following year, the duo released their third album, Joyride, which remains their most successful release, with worldwide sales of over 11 million copies.[35] The title track gave them their fourth and final number one on the Hot 100, while “Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)” peaked at number two.[36] The album was promoted by the “Join the Joyride! Tour“, their biggest and widest ranging tour yet.[39][40]

Source: Wikipedia

There are so many other things that we can conclude from her BaZi regarding her choice of career as well the matching her career palace but I will take on this subject on other postings.

Strong – Weak Day Master system has an intrinsic weakness thus why Bazi has become a “very difficult” system to learn that prompted many to try Purple Star Astrology. However, if you do a mathematical calculations, BaZi has more formation possibilities and which means a more accurate picture of an individual’s life. Actually it is not Bazi that is difficult to learn but rather learning the wrong system made it felt very difficult.

I can imagine the frustration of not being able to read BaZi, feeling helpless to guide their loved ones and forecast their own yearly luck. They are just worried if they will mislead them into the wrong direction in life.

Some students spend so much money into this system finds it hard to belief or rather accept the reality and this is a traumatic blow to their pocket, self esteem as well as their idol’s image.

Nature’s Way of BaZi System

The uniqueness of our system is that we don’t have to determine the ever complicated Strength of Day Master. We just need to understand the Nature’s theory and apply accordingly to read the Bazi chart. Much more simple & faster and accurate.

Those who understands this system can understand or know when is her Good Luck and Why!. One simple tip here: remember she is a Ding Day Master. The rest is easy to derive.

But if you are determined to complete your journey in mastering BaZi, you can consider Nature’s Way system which has been proven by our students whom some had prior experience in learning Bazi elsewhere. Read what they have to say. Don’t miss this chance to learn something so that your BaZi journey can be completed. I have completed my 2019 target to post this last posting. Adios, see you in Rat year.

P/S: I will be sharing this Bazi during Class and how it is read using the Nature’s Way and the reality is consistent with the Theory.

Penned by: 甲子


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