Feasting God Performer

Terence Choi Kwok-Kuen 蔡國權

He was a singer in Hong Kong in the early 80’s right till about for a decade before he decided to call it quits.

Perhaps you call it Timing, 80’s was the time of mega stars of Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung and Sam Hui, Anita Mui etc. It was the peak time of Hong Kong entertainment industry and when Terence got into it. I have blogged about Leslie and Sam Hui Bazi but Terence life story was interesting and worth looking at his Bazi to understand life and destiny better.

Terence Choi

Being at the Wrong Era….

The new age thought is that man has FULL control of his life or destiny. Is it true? or to some religious centrist, life is in the hands of their Gods. Perhaps Chinese astrology tool of BaZi may give us some clue of our future and destiny. Let’s see how it has shaped Terence life.

Towards the 90’s he reclused himself to a song writer and have written a few songs for Alan Tam, Paula Tsui, Jacky Cheung, Kenny Bee to mention a few. Then after leaving Hong Kong for some years, he decided to make a come back to the music industry in around 2002 and had planned a solo concert in 2003.

Never thought that in 2002, he met with a serious accident in Dongguan China which left him paralyzed and suffer from brain damaged. Even his wife left him after that fatal accident on 13 November 16:30. Life had not been easy for him ever since then.

Thankfully, he had a bunch of friends of the industry who got together to help him organizing a fund raising concert as you may read from this link below.


Feasting God a.k.a. Eating God 食神

Terence Bazi has Feasting God or commonly known as Eating God but not Hurting Officer. Usually most schools would say that if you need to be a performer you should have a Hurting Officer and Terence Hurting Officer or Shang Guan 伤官 is Geng 庚 metal. If you look at his Bazi, his Shang Guan is very little or weak.

His rise to fame began in 1981 when he was in the luck of Xin You 辛酉 (1978-1987) and it is known as the Eating God or Shi Shen Luck. Eating god profile is taunted to be more of the back end guy rather than the front desk person of a Hurting Officer according to new age Bazi system.

From 1981 – 1988, every year he had a album but after 1988 he only had one in 1990 and then 1992 that is a space of 2 years.

After this, he got into the Hurt Officer luck of Geng Shen 庚申 (1988-1997) but this period was when he reached the plateau instead of another rise. His last album was in 1992 before he left to Canada. He is a talent that needed a recognition.

Obviously, the theory of Eating God and Hurting Officer in regards to a person’s performance should be on stage or back stage does not hold well. This interpretation is very different from the Nature’s way of Bazi which gives a better picture of his life and performance.

When a Bazi person is dispensing an advice, it can have an impact on the other people life because it can shape their decisions. Learning the wrong knowledge will do more harm than good. Wanting to be popular or rich is fine but do it the correct way. Society today needs more real Bazi consultants not con-sultant.


The next interesting question is why was he not able to be on par with the top few? Which Useful God is lacking in his Bazi?

Learn Bazi the Nature’s Way.


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