BaZi by Nature

as we witness the wrath of Covid-19, we hear news animals coming out to streets where people have left empty…

is it Karma because we do not live in harmony of nature or is it a way which Nature re-balances the ecosystem?

We see religious leaders who claim that god is greater passed away because of Covid-19. It makes man rethink the role of religion and what is actually the purpose of religion, what is god doing? was HIM not for the love of mankind? Many questions that I think people should start to ponder upon.

some died, some became poor, some became rich. poor died, royalty died, minister died, rich died too. One by one, reputed businesses close in numbers throughout the world. In Malaysia four person got richer just because they were gloves manufacturers.

But one thing for sure, Nature has her way of dealing and balancing matters.

It brings us back to Bazi by Nature which is the closest system of Bazi to understand nature. If you believe man should live in harmony with nature, don’t you think we should live in harmony with our Bazi?

5 Elements creates the 5 category of Gods which can be named as 印,比劫,食伤,财,官 or Stamp, Parallel, Output, Wealth and Officer respectively.

Wealth God 财神

In today’s definition or social norms, a success of a person is measured by the amount of wealth or status a person will have. In the old times or at least to the sages of the times, a good life is defined as a smooth life where all the 5 Gods are interacting in Harmony. Life becomes like more or less a straight line compared to a sine curve. It may sound a little boring but it is one of the best one can get that is having everything in moderate amount.

I was looking at a Bazi chart of a client during a Feng Shui consultation work and she asked what industry is good to her, you know the kind of standard of questions we get asked all the time? Boring isn’t it? Upon inspecting her Bazi, I told her your best skill is to be a pathfinder. She revealed she has a large portion of her life been a pathfinder for her boss. Then I told her she will enter a good luck in 2018. Guess what? Her boss, a very influential person, recommended her a state award! She is very satisfied being a Pathfinder!

Bazi by Nature is by far the easier and accurate system to describe our destiny and guide us how to live in harmony with it. First, to live in harmony with ourselves and secondly, how to live a life where we can contribute to society more meaningfully. When these two are achieved, life is always worth living because this sense of fulfillment is what our souls can bring with us to our next life, not the money, the awards, our big muscles, our diamonds etc.

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