You Still Can’t Read BaZi?

Once a student shared with me an confession of a forumer who had a sad story behind and being a teacher and consultant in Chinese Metaphysics, I can really feel her frustrations. Perhaps this feeling is all too familiar to you as well.

I can feel the anger and disappointment because after spending so much time and money yet, one still cannot read Bazi. If you are about to give up, don’t yet, that is because you have not met the right teacher….Read On…

Hello everyone! I have had four different people, with different BaZi training look at my chart; and I have received very different advice based on each reading. One advisor put my DM as Ren (which would match the following day’s DM, likely because I was born between the 23:00-1:00 window). One put my time of birth at 22:35 because of daylight savings. One said I was a weak DM; and one said I was strong. As such, I’ve been advised to work in a team by one, and independently by another. I’ve gotten literally opposite advice on almost all counts.

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All too common, when you are lost and starting to ask around, hoping to have a clearer picture of whats going on all you get is all different answers? In this modern world of commercialization, Bazi courses is dished out by influential schools leading to this predicament because of the lack of personalized training. All are done in mass courses and the quality of students are not well monitored. Let’s listen on to her predicament;

I’m at a time of renewal and I can’t say I really know how to best move forward. Even following feng shui consultation and implementing remedies, last year my Reiki and Chinese Medicine business pretty much closed itself, my relationship of 9 years ended; and this year I lost my apartment unexpectedly, my boyfriend, had no job offers for months and now have lost health insurance for the year because of a loophole in the system. I’m an acupuncturist and Reiki energy worker by training; but I’m currently feeling extremely reluctant to open a practice again after everything that’s happened and now moving twice in six months. If these last two years were this hard – does that confirm I’m a strong DM? And if so, does that mean maybe it’s time to leave the acupuncture profession [a metal and earth profession]?

I really felt my heart coming out upon reading this….what went wrong? If you have read my post on Bazi here or my Feng Shui blog, I have literally mentioned so many times, that getting the correct knowledge is the vital first step and that does not always hinge upon the most famous. Same goes with Feng Shui because Feng Shui is a form of invisible energy that only with the correct method you can get high results repeatability or otherwise, once a blue moon you get result!. This is luck not skill! Real skills have high repeatability in performance.

…..Or is the idea that all this devastation is really for my benefit, and now that everything has been destroyed I can move into a period of success? Can anyone speak to the conflicting advice I’ve received? It’s been nearly two decades of my barely getting by financially; and I really would love to thrive!

As I have mentioned over and over, the goal in Traditional Bazi is to know when is your good and bad times so you can plan out your strategy well the old saying “Saving enough wood the last the winter” versus contemporary Bazi who ignores the concept of Useful God and rely heavily on motivation or positive attitude to live a life. While I am not saying we should be negative or not being positive about life, what I am saying is, “If you can avoid shit we avoid shit and not after getting hit with shit, we just smile and be positive about the ordeal….that we had a lesson learned!” Can you see the difference? Put it simply, it’s called Preventive Maintenance.

Don’t waste time and money with modern Bazi because you will never be able to read BaZi and use that knowledge to help yourself or others. If you can learn that one skill to make a better living, why waste time/money to learn modern Bazi method? Modern Bazi is so limited.

I can say with conviction, many people who have learned BaZi will have some related experience of this sort and even my students whom after learning confessed this to me.

Now things are much clearer and my students can understand their Bazi better than before as to why certain things happens and their outcome of their life. Only with reliable information can we better plan our lives and make better quality decisions….not being positive after things have happened. Only with correct knowledge then we can better serve people because we can offer realistic solution based on correct information.

Join our traditional Bazi Class – like essence, comes only in drops but drops that are always exhilarating and it is very different from modern Bazi system.

Revelation from a Student previously from modern BaZi School after our Foundation course.


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