Useful God 用神

What is the definition of Useful God (UG) in the study of Bazi?

Useful God is the most important element in a Bazi or to the destiny. It is the element that makes the Day Master most useful. There are few categories of Useful God and each have their inherent role in the chart but still collectively they are referred to as Useful God or in short UG because they makes the chart good or as in a high quality chart.

A high quality chart will have a UG and this translate to a person having the capability to rise to the top or make it big in life. A bad Bazi chart will usually not have UG and thus it translate to a medium achieving person. Then worse still one has Annoying or Offending God or Ji Shen in the chart or luck, you can imagine how bad things can go.

So from here you can deduce that since it is the most important element in a chart, it must be protected at all times just like how you will protect your dearest or assets.

Happiness God 喜神

While some schools call it favourable god, I would call it the Happiness God because this is also the secondary UG. Its role is to makes the chart “happy” and that would translate to happy events coming in real life.

Having Happiness God in one’s chart is also a positive thing and will raise the gradation of the chart.

Annoying God or Offending God 忌神

This is like the devil of the Bazi or destiny. Having such element in the bazi brings down the chart or even causing disaster to the life of the destiny holder.

Surely you will not want such element in your chart or coming in the luck cycle.

10 Gods 十神

Now this is totally a different subject though they bare the same word God. 10 Gods is not the most important subject in determining the gradation of the person’s chart. If you will be rich or not will depend on the availability of Useful God in your chart and the absence of Offending God.

Once you are able to accurately spot the respective gods, then the accuracy of your Bazi reading becomes high. This is the most difficult mastery of all Bazi masters since the beginning of this subject. Thus some modern practitioners find it difficult, has dropped this subject in favour of profiling which is much easier. However when you consider the reason why ancient masters came out with the concept of UG, then you will start to wonder if the profiling method relevance in traditional methods.

Example Female during the luck of Wood Rabbit, 乙卯, complaint that she can help friend grow their business but when applying the same method it does not work for her. She as a Bazi student from famous school, could not understand her own destiny and thus turned to forum to ask for free advice.

Why is it like this when the same method could bring success to her friends but could not be duplicated to help herself? If you understand destiny, then you know the answer is because she is not in good luck herself. It is not that she do not have the skill required, it’s just that she does not have the luck to be successful.

Learn the right method of Bazi to first help yourself then only you are able to help others and not instead misled others with the wrong advice. Very pitiful not forgetting the karma returning someday.

Thus her useful god will be Jia 甲 wood while her annoying god will be Ren 壬 water god. When water comes this person will fall sick.

Namaste – Jia Zi 甲子


4 thoughts on “Useful God 用神”

    1. it is clear in this bazi there is no Jia that is why the life is tough and lacking success. She can make others rich but she can’t be rich.
      Bazi is destiny and destiny creates the outcome.

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