Talent Meeting Timing

Winnie Hsin 辛曉琪 is a Taiwanese singer who shot into fame at a much late age for a singer. She became famous because of one song 味道 (Scent) in 1994. Ever since then her singing career life was transformed.

She is well known for her clear and high pitch voice. If you listen to her song below you will agree that she has pretty good voice. To be a famous singer you ought to have a talent and it may it be a good voice, dancing skill and couple with a good look. Otherwise it will be just another William Hung.

So was Destiny made at birth or learned along the years? Then you have to think about voice & looks, are these qualities in born thing or can be made?. This is where I disagree with Contemporary Bazi school that destiny can be made by simply taking actions and being positive. I am not saying they don’t matter but rather over rated like a miracle pill. An unrealistic hope is like a dead end tunnel.

In 1994 she was already 31 when she got her fame. For most singers in Taiwan back then it is considered a late boomer in the industry. How come a person with a considerable good voice did not make it earlier if just by working hard and being positive could have not done the job? Lingering behind is the work of Destiny or rather in her case the Major Luck cycle.

Below is her BaZi Chart and Major Luck Cycles.

Our Destiny is divided into 2 major parts, one being the 8 characters (Natal Chart) and Luck. Luck is just as important as the natal chart especially the Major Luck which last 10 years. A luck can propel us up or sink us. I have seen many Bazi that when I ask clients they will agree it was that period they did well or not.

BaZi Analysis

She is a Yin Fire person (丁) and her chart is very strong with Wood element with some Water and Earth Element. This BaZi itself is already considered good because the existence of the Useful God. When a Bazi has UG, the person will have some success in life. Such is the importance of Useful God in Traditional Bazi context. However in contemporary Bazi system, this concept is often sidelined in favour of motivation and pep talk.

Image of 丁 Fire

You may notice that she entered the luck of Wu Xu 戊戌 (earth dog) in 1993 a year just before her success. Wu & Xu are both Yang Earth like the mountains. These too are Useful God to this Bazi owner for a few reasons at the Nature Bazi system. At a more simpler level, I can say Earth element is the Output God and Output god means performance and I think this is easier to understand for most people.

Of course knowing its the Output God is insufficient to understand why it is a Useful God. Thus as a result since 1994 she has been consistently being awarded for the remaining 9 years a new album every year.

It was during this time a producer decided to give her a chance and arranged a song for her. It turned out 味道 became a hit. When the Useful God appears in your Bazi or Luck, a nobleman will be sent by heaven.

The Clash

In 1994 it was the year of Jia Xu 甲戌 and if you have learned Bazi before, Xu 戌 and Chen 辰 is a clash. A Clash is it seems favorable to Winnie as opposed to what most say about Clashes are negative. The study of Bazi is an in-depth system. You just cannot mix knowledge here and there, it just doesn’t work.

戌 x 辰

Simple said, in the entertainment industry the common belief that Fame = Ability is true most of the time but this cannot be said in Bazi Study because Bazi is a trade knowledge and in the world of contemporary metaphysics, Fame is derived from your ability to present an image, not ability. In the past, you probably never hear of great BaZi masters correct? But they existed since long ago.

When your time has come, the opportunities will be presented to you. Do you think is it important to know when your Good Luck is coming? If your time has not come, don’t need to sweat, just be patient and continue your effort.



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