BaZi , Strategy And Date Activation

Bazi is one of the major Five Arts in Chinese Metaphysics under the destiny banner. The others are physiognomy, medicine, mountain and divination. The sages of old should be commended for their ingenious creation and bannering the Five Arts as a tool to help us living a more holistic, fulfilling and hopefully a harmonious life.  

Destiny – whether it is Bazi or Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) or any similar arts for providing an overall view of our life mission, capacity and up and downs in our life journeys. 

Physiognomy – example,  Feng Shui to help us in tapping the right energy from the universe that can benefit our well being like a good health.  

Mountain – that includes chi kung and martial art exercise to keep us in healthy and fit condition physically  

Medicine – involve the likes of acupuncture, herbal treatment to balance our health, promoting healing in our quest for a healthy body and graceful aging process 

And finally, Divination – as a tool to guide us in times where we need to face the unknown and requiring guidance 

If we review the Five Arts all as a unit together, you will notice a similarity in the structure of the arts despite different purposes. That is, they share the same basics, philosophy that defines the Chinese culture and the concept of harmony and balance in life.  

In modern time, the art has been sub divided into additional components, including utilising divination or destiny art for Feng Shui purposes. And some even promoted a sub system of Date selection/ activation for day to day activities.  

Date Activation/Selection 

Not so long ago, there was this one day that nothing seems to go well (I am sure some of you may have one of those days before). It ranges from complaints, to logistics, finance and even legal related issues and more… it is a case of every single communication and phone calls received a new problem arise. Some said bad things don’t come once but this akin to tsunami. The real issue is most if not all the issues presented, no answer or solutions is available and potentially incurring major losses.  By the mid of the day, I was truly exhausted. Mere coincidence, Master Alan was messaging me if I will be attending the recently held Bazi Foundation Course. I responded that I am getting swarmed (above reasons) and will respond to him later in the evening. The ever nice but strict Master Alan replied, “have u look at your Bazi chart ?”.  

Like getting an electricity shock from the statement, I immediately took a quick glance at my Bazi chart via the Bazi app on my phone (thank goodness for modern technology) laying out the details down to the hour of the day. In the lingo of the layman, I nearly fell of the chair from the information presented. The Bazi combination for day period was populated by yours truly “Annoying gods” indicating legal matters and loss of wealth.  I conveyed this to Master Alan and he advised me to review the next few days. I replied that the next day will be reasonable but in 2 days’ time looks good, my Useful God will return. He advised for me to leave the matter aside for now and the major issues will go away within 48 hours.  

Fast forward 48 hours later, with exception in some minor loss of wealth, the rest of the issues miraculously got resolved one by one. Looking back, I was glad I have left the issues aside ( or drag them on) at the time as my planned action at the time would have brought about a reverse outcome incurring higher financial losses and un-repairable commercial relationship.  

There is a saying in Chinese Metaphysics; One Destiny Two Luck and Third Feng Shui 

Even in a bad or good decade, there are periods that are more advantages or at times precaution required. Likewise, in a good or bad year, month, or day. 

In traditional Bazi, identifying the correct Useful God, Noble Elements and Annoying Gods plays a big part in Bazi destiny reading accuracy.  

Correctly identifying the above for mentioned, our Bazi chart is akin to a personalised roadmap which we can use and refer to for day to day important decisions and timing.   

I repeat again, provided those good or bad elements are correctly identified. 

On the other hand, I wouldn’t encourage date selection/activation to be frequently used ie daily either unless in important / emergency situations. Life is never one straight smooth journey. Even in the most successful individuals they their occasional bumps and challenges. And then there are other methods we can utilise in tight situations like Plum Blossom Divination for important life decisions.  



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