Useful God Technique

As you know, Traditional BaZi school emphasize Useful God Method. This useful god is not some god that we pray to, it is just an expression of good or auspicious energy.

Traditional BaZi

The new age Bazi or the Contemporary Bazi is much simpler and it is aligned to modern motivation system that string on human common logic. However, logic it is, life is sometimes beyond common logic especially when it comes to the subject of LIFE.

A common tool in contemporary system is profiling. Very much like how a psychological study of human behaviour.

Some students are still confused difference between Traditional Bazi over Contemporary Bazi. Originally there was only 1 but due to marketing and dilution of the knowledge a newer version was born. Let me illustrate based on a real case.

Once a person came to me to learn another subject on Chinese metaphysics but as we spoke it somehow got related to the subject of Bazi. Since this person had learned contemporary Bazi online but still could not understand own Bazi and the destiny, the sense of frustration naturally sets in. After class, I told this person to show me the Bazi so I may guide or give some tips since this person is also my student (not on Bazi subject) and to the benefit of my 2 other Bazi students.

Only Clarity can lead us to the Right path via Traditional Bazi.

As I explained the Bazi to this person who listened attentively and I told that during your last luck, your career is very good and will rise the corporate ladder very quick and you are a intelligent person. However, likely you are still single? The reason I was able to read it was the knowledge from Traditional Bazi because I have identified the Useful god. On hind sight, has this person lost an opportunity to make the best of the last major luck ?


Since last year, you entered a new major luck cycle and this is not favourable because of the coming of the Annoying god, thus your career will have some problems and will become stagnant. You will likely have a boss who will be unfavourable to you.

So how it was different from contemporary Bazi advice? Based on elemental profiling, this person is not supposed to be favourable in the current industry so was advised to switch industry! Of course the person could not judge based on the existing knowledge. Sadly, this person could not read about the favourable past luck and the coming of this rough luck after learning Contemporary Bazi and this became the destiny blind spot.

When a person meet such a problem, I am sure any strong person will start to have doubts and started looking for a solution and understanding to what is the problem and why is this happening. It is like very thing is stuck and nothing seems to work unlike the past. Let alone this , how do we know what is the next best course action?. Like anybody, google is the best place to start a search right? This person went to internet and stumbled upon the Contemporary Bazi course. I turns out that this course only added to her doubts. No clarity was gained.

After listening to my explanation, she shares her situation. “Yes when I entered the luck my career did well and very quickly ascended the ladder. My bosses then was very supportive. She is in the senior management level. Yes I am still single. About 1 year before the change of luck, the company had a major management change and that is when the new boss came into the picture and subsequently that is when the problems all began. I became sought of disillusioned, confused and started to doubt my abilities. That is when I found the contemporary Bazi course and learned it. I was really contemplating of switching industry.”

I told this person, it is not about your ability, it is the rough luck. With this understanding you can do the followings….( I shall leave this section out). When you know the exact root cause, you can pinpoint the solution just like modern warfare of 1 missile to a specific target compared to world war two, using mass bombing, hoping one of the bomb will hit the target and leaving lots of collateral damage around! You can see the face of this person change…its like from blue pale to reddish healthy face.

Why Traditional BaZi is Preferred?

This is the difference between Traditional and Contemporary Bazi. Traditional Bazi gives us the correct perspective of our destiny and of course naturally a better and precise solution!

Traditional Bazi practices preventive maintenance while Contemporary is more about damage control (positive qoutes) after the shit has happened….

Traditional Bazi works on what is natural to us and guides us to use our innate strengths to action the proper human actions to mitigate our problems. This could mean changing our flawed perspective thus working on our inner mind blue print. Without gaining awareness, how can we find the best action forward, one that will drive us to the right path? It is like a drunk person driving.

To know when is your best luck, helps us plan and make the best of it. To know when our rough path is coming, could we have prepared ahead ?

Hopes it helps clarify the difference.

Different folks different strokes, perhaps contemporary bazi is your better option for your personality.


1 thought on “Useful God Technique”

  1. Consider this chart:
    Y M D H
    壬 丁 戊 壬
    午 未 戌 子
    用神: 癸,丙,甲
    Can we say that no 用神 appear in this chart?

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