Wealth & Career

I am often being asked on the topic of Wealth and Career. Are they the same subject?

From my years doing consulting, I can say no although to most people they are closely linked. Let’s define what is meant by Career in Bazi.


Career is basically our work or what we do for a living. We may be a businessman, a CEO, a manager, doctor, engineer, lawyer, politician, police officer, banker, scammer, pimp, dancer, singer, teacher and so on. Thus in Bazi this can be anything ranging from Parallel 比劫, Output 食傷, Wealth 财, Officer 官 or Stamp 印.

From this earnings we create our wealth correct? Yes this sounds very logical.


On the other hand, wealth is usually tied to money, gold, shares ownership or assets. It also mean the ability to accumulate wealth or retain wealth. In Bazi, technically it is known as Cai God or Wealth God. Yes literally wealth god 财神.

The wealth can be further defined as Zheng Cai 正财or Proper Wealth and Pian Cai 偏财 or Alternative Wealth. It basically tells us the way we gather wealth. However the definition is very wide and not limited to legal or illegal money or earnings.

In the old days, things were simple and easy to define. Nowadays due to stress and lifestyle desires some people take up 2 jobs or perhaps a job with one side gig like share investing, bitcoin, a part time professional gambler, gym instructor, painter etc.

I remember a client who eventually became my student, once showed me the Bazi and ask me or rather you can say test me, how do you see my wealth?

I replied you have money and assets.

She then said, I have not worked for many year…

I said, I know you have good Wealth capacity and a comfortable job.

It turned out that she is a professional housewife with a lot of assets!.

Let’s take an example of Inna Gudavadze — £650 million ($938 million). Inna and her family were pretty wealthy but the bulk of her wealth comes from her Georgian billionaire husband “Badri” Patarkatsishvili, who died of a heart attack in 2008. He amassed his wealth through his gold mines, oil, TV, casinos, property, and even a detergent plant.

She used to work as a translator in her career but later married the husband Badri. Then it she got really rich when the husband died on 12 February 2008 戊子 when she was in her final year of the major luck of Gui Wei 癸未.

She does a lot of philanthropic work as well very much into landscaping as her main hobby. Can you tell which part of her chart shows she is philanthropic.

The BaZi Analysis

From her Bazi, the traditional practitioner’s view is that this person has very little success in career because the skill set is not very high but has a high wealth potential especially from the marriage. If you look at the hour pillar, clearly the career star is not very bright.

Then the timing came when she enters the major luck of Gui Wei 癸未. We can see that the Gui 癸 and Wu 戊 combine sparks out a lot of fire. Fire to this person is the Wealth God 财神到! Inside of Wei 未 also had Fire element.

2008 of Wu Zi 戊子, the Wu 戊 earth comes again to spark more fire element while Zi 子 in the branch further strengthens self element and this considered favorable. Furthermore when the Husband god sits on the the 6 destruction phases, it can mean the husband life/well-being is at stake.

She is rich but not by means of a career progression but rather by marriage. So you see, Wealth and Career is not the same not at least this is how Traditional Bazi views destiny. You can be rich and yet may not have a good career.

If you want to learn the way to read destiny accurately, learnt the Nature’s Way of Bazi system.



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