Banker’s Destiny

Today I want to talk about the Bazi of one of the two remaining Chinese bankers in Malaysia and that is Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow of Public Bank.

Despite the Covid Pandemic and 6 months government moratorium on loans he has managed to add to the coffers a handsome amount and moved up the Forbes ranking. Can this be seen from Bazi?

The natal chart or BaZi chart is the key to a successful life even if you don’t know Feng Shui. It tells us the capacity of our destiny versus you only need to belief in one self in order to succeed.

Hour unknown.

If you look at his BaZi metal is not his dominant Bazi but why he excelled in Banking? So it signal the bell in your head if you are a contemporary school Bazi student. Born in Spring, metal element is also weak. Thus why element profiling does not always give us the correct perspective of our destiny.

Is the dominant element should be used as your useful element to guide our life? This is an important question because if you don’t this right you can be steered into the Bermuda Triangle, where ships never returns.

Public Bank is known for being conservative and careful in their approach. Can this be told from his Bazi? From his Bazi, he seems to be a very disciplined person. Perhaps some readers could verify this. This is why understanding our selves and our destiny is important so that we know if we are suitable to be in business or else.

His career started to boost during the Water Horse 壬午 Luck and then it continued till now in the Earth Rat 戊子.

Ren Wu 壬午 Luck – The Climb

This is the period where he climbed the corporate ladder very quickly and then founded Public bank in 1965 before the May 13 incident in 1969. Ren 壬 is considered as the Rob Wealth 劫财 while the Horse 午 is the Wealth 财.

How to make sense of this pillar that propelled his career? This will largely depend where do you see his career pillar whether the Hour or Month Pillar.

Jia Shen 甲申 – The Honors

This is the period he got this Tan Sri title. Why did the Jia 甲 Clashing his Geng 庚 in the year pillar seems to have gathered him good results? In the lingua of 10 Gods it is the Hurt Officer 伤官 clashing the Proper Stamp 正印. What is the technical reason behind?

Wu Zi 戊子 – The Current

He entered this major luck in 2017 and the bank continued it’s steady sail. 2020 the government announced a loan moratorium of 6 months to allow businesses and individuals affected to some financial relief caused by the pandemic. One of it is my Bazi client when he came to me and was in financial stress. I told him 2020 will be a good year for him to reverse his problems and of course none of use guessed it to be in the form of a moratorium.

This year (2021) is Metal Ox of Xin Chou 辛丑 which brings a lot of water into the chart. While this will bring a lot of money & fame, it has some bearing on the health because the arrival of his Noble Element (not the same as Nobleman star). Thus this year Tan Sri should be cautions on the health although I don’t see it being serious.

The Future

Will his bank remain in Malaysia in the coming future is something to be seen after his demise. Malaysia is not an easy market especially when the government the day reinforces a race & religion supremacy policy as well as regional threats. This will be known if we know his hour of birth, something for now we are not sure about.


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