Prince Philip The Royal Consort

9 April 2021, the world received the news that Prince Philip the husband of Queen Elizabeth has finally departed at ripe age of 99 years old. Remarkable age.

His life has been rather a unique one when he was born to a royal family of the Greece & Danish court. However his mother Princess Alice was from the British royalty. 1947, Philip became a British subject, renouncing his right to the Greek and Danish thrones and taking his mother’s surname, Mountbatten.

He served in the Royal Navy until his marriage with his distant cousin, then Princess Elizabeth in 1952. After Queen Elizabeth has ascended the throne, he continued his life as a royal consort.

I guess you can read about his life in the internet. Here we ill focus on the art of BaZi, the Nature’s Way of how some of the key events unfolded as per his destiny chart.

What his BaZi says about his life about 4 key aspects of his life.

Let’s go through them one by one.

1.Young Days Was Exiled From Greece

To see this first you need to understand Palace and the 6 Kinship relationship. He was born in the year of Metal Chicken (I prefer chicken to rooster). Xin You 辛酉 represents his authority which is why he was born into a royal family simply because of the strong influence of Metal in the chart.

A year after he was born, the father Prince Andrew lost the Greece-Turks war and was forced to be exiled from Greece. Again because he was born in the peak of summer, this do not favour the metal element and hence the family was forced to leave and went to France and later to England.

2.Marry Elizabeth Who Later Became The Queen of United Kingdom 1952

He and Elizabeth got married on 20 November 1947 (Ding Hai 丁亥) and that was when he was in the Xin Mao 辛卯 major luck. On the onset there is no earth element which represents the wife and yet he got married. Thus to those who have not learned the Nature’s Way will find it difficult to understand. However there is already an sign in the BaZi of a impending marriage.

In 1952 (Ren Chen), following the demise of King George VI, Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne when he was in the major luck of Geng Yin 庚寅. This officially made him the Royal Consort on top of the other honours that he already had such as the Duke of Edinburgh.

This promotion was anticipated in his Bazi as he entered this major luck because Geng his Useful God came during this luck as the Officer. 1952 was the year of Ren Chen 壬辰 which further strengthens his Officer God. When Officer sees Friends it signifies gain of authority.

3.His Marriage Lasted 75 years, What’s His Bazi Secret.

Getting married is hard enough but sustaining a lovable marriage is even harder. There are a few layers of reading to this point but the most common knowledge is to first avoid a clash onto the spouse palace but I have seen couples with clashes to the spouse palace had a lovely marriage too because Bazi is a multi layered reading.

Most importantly is this Bazi has the wife to feed his happiness and coupled by the fact he has not a huge ego behind him, makes his marriage a blissful one. You may wonder why a Tree person would have no ego. This is precisely what makes this chart flexible and adaptable is the presence of the Flower .

4.He Has Always Been The Wife’s Supporter. Does The Bazi Says So?

Born in the peak of summer gives this Tree person a disposition of supporting the wife which makes him the perfect Consort because it is the Output God. A favourable output God likes to see the wife happy or knows how to make tickle the wife’s funny bone.

Good Marriage BaZi

Undeniably, one of Prince Philip successes was his blissful marriage, something that many could only wish or envy.

If you just look at this 4 points that defined his life, you will see that life to a large extent is predetermined thus it is not as simple as 1/3 Heaven Luck, 1/3 Earth and 1/3 Man luck. What does your chart says about your marriage?

Note: I have simplified many of the reading steps because of the length of the reading/analysis if I were to explain everything. Student’s of Nature’s Way should be able to fill in the gap and understand the entire explanation.


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