Determining Career From BaZi

This is the second video from the same series Bazi For Career.

In this video Master Alan attempts to accomplish two objectives.

1. Is BaZi reading difficult? Many Bazi students or enthusiast have been complaining that Bazi is so difficult to learn and to read.

2. A practical real example on how to use various ways to find out our suitable career based on our Bazi. Master also demonstrate how Nature’s Way Bazi is used to find our suitable career using the concept of Useful God or 用神.

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6 thoughts on “Determining Career From BaZi”

  1. Ok, so it’s still doable. New age systems say that results take longer to achieve if one goes by the useful god
    route, maybe more so if the UG is missing, Guess this is why they choose to focus on strengths instead. What is your take on this?

    1. Yes it’s the correct way. We do what our UG tells us because our UG is like our guardian angel who will do only good for us.
      When the UG is missing in the bazi naturally the destiny is not ‘A’ grade. I would love if New age practitioners show us their real Bazi! Maybe they already have a UG in their Bazi and thus things are easy for them to make money or fame or success? We will never know as they will never show or reveal their real Bazi. If you read the other blog posts you will see that successful or rich or famous people have UG in the their Bazi.
      Thus as a BaZi student or enthusiast, we have a make a judgement by ourselves what is right for ourselves.

  2. You brought up an interesting point regarding the charts of New age practitioners’. Nice one! Thank you for telling more about the useful god. Now I have a better understanding of its role and how important it is to get it right.

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