Philippines Presidential Election 2022

Master Alan did not have time to do an analysis as he was busy with Feng Shui work. Nonetheless, master posted a short conclusion in the Facebook Group before the elections.

There are many candidates but the 2 candidates that should be given due attention are Mr. Ferdinand Marcos Jr or more fondly known as BongBong Marcos and Ms Leni Robredo who is also the incumbent Vice President.

It seems this election is important to the Philippines people for reason not very clear to us. Nonetheless ask any Filipino, most of them will agree to this, probably because it has something to do with the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr that was ousted back in early 2000. Bong Bong Marcos is the grandson of the former President.

The situation there is very foreign to us and master was alerted about it at the 11th hour by his student. The plus point is that we able to read their Bazi and analyze the outcome more objectively. Let see how master analyze their Bazi using Nature’s Way Bazi.

The Brief Bazi Analysis

Without the hour pillar it is always difficult to give a full or accurate reading in Bazi. Unfortunately it is the same case here. There were some speculation over the internet over the hour birth but we have no way to authenticate the source.

Bong Bong Marcos is a Wu 戊 Earth day master born in mid of autumn and has the useful god as Ren 壬 Water and this year there are plenty of Ren available, coupled with the presence of Jia 甲 Wood, it is the perfect combo of supreme application of Useful God.

Leni on the other hand is Ding 丁 Fire day master born in end of spring. Wood element would be a Useful God element to her. This year also bring abundance of Wood energy to her but unfortunately her luck has 戌 Dog and Dog Clashes 冲 with the Chen 辰 Dragon. The day of election was also Ren Xu 壬戌 day and this brings another clash to her Bazi.

The clash destabilize the formation, thus making it less favourable for her and thus why we have favoured Bong Bong to win this election.

Alternative Bazi Methods

There were also attempts made to predict the outcome using Gods and Devil method or Shen Sha method so you can see that in Bazi, there are many versions of it and different schools emphasize different aspects of it.

The Verdict

As you may see from the above result tally, that Bong Bong garnered more than 200% from Leni’s votes. Perhaps the Hour pillar may hold the answer as to why such huge gap when Marcos lost to Leni marginally for the Vice presidency in the last election.

As you may have read above, there are many Bazi methods available but since Nature’s Way is focused on the concept of Useful God, it has again been proven on the battle field. Every correct prediction convince us and our students more every day, that this method is credible.

– Not All BaZi System are the same –


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