Year 1992

The ability to read Bazi lies in when you do not know the person and yet you are able to tell something about their life. This is the real skills of Bazi Reading.

Bazi over the decades has attracted many people’s interest and thus no doubt some masters grew rich with Bazi from offering courses yet till today I sense many frustration with people who are students of Bazi yet struggling to read Bazi. Thus the only way out was to seek a consultation!

Here is a Bazi of a Man and he admitted that in 1992 some significant events happened to him. Perhaps you can try it out by answering the poll below.

Just to give you a help, he is in the entertainment industry.

At the end, if you are able to get most of it correct, it only proves one thing, either you have learned the correct method of Bazi but most important of all, life is PRE-DESTINED in a big way. Do you know your destiny ?

Do you want to know? Take up our courses and understand it yourself…



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