Where To Learn Real BaZi?

There are many Bazi schools in the market ranging from Contemporary schools of Bazi to the more traditionalist. Even within the traditionalist there are the Blindman school, The Zi Ping School and us the Nature’s Way.

The Contemporary are mainly a mix of Zi Ping, western astrology and modern motivation theory added in. Another school uses maths to do BaZi by formularizing to decide strong or weak Day Master. The chances are most Bazi schools out there is a small variation of this method.

Students seeking out are often confused which school should one enroll in. Here in this article we just would like to present our story for Bazi and why it is important to select the correct method of Bazi to learn.

Bazi is an astrology system that is used to help guide us how to improve our well being whether it is about health, relationships, career choice and even business decisions. Thus, it is important that the result of the reading should be accurate so it leads us to the right path in life. Do you agree on this?

At least this client lived without regrets for the best was to be with the mother in her last journey. Living with regrets is something money cannot recover nor buy. This is just one example of the many cases since not all clients speaks English nor text.

This client got her reading before and after going her Bazi with teacher Alan, above was her comment. Accurate reading gives this person a more realistic expectations in life and how to plan forward. It helps reduce the anxiety and frustrations for an answer why certain things happened in their lives. Imagine you have been motivated to pursue something that is beyond your ability, it only brings disaster to your life more than long term benefits.

Our teacher is not only theory based but are proven with life reading of real people everyday. Bazi is a very difficult trade because in less than an hour your client knows your skills. Unlike Qimen prediction or Feng Shui it takes a longer time to find out the answer because they deal with the future. This is the reason why today there are less and less Bazi consultants around.

There is a significant number of people in the world who want to learn about Ba Zi Suan Ming. Most of them get very enthusiastic and enroll the first best class, which happens to cross their way. I find it very sad to acknowledge how manipulative this online selling sector became… using all possible psychological tactics. Unfortunately the trap works and people do not feel the necessity to look around for possible alternatives. At the end they end up receiving a very poor level of BaZi knowledge but cannot explain why the BaZi reading is not accurate. The answer is simple: because they have not learned the correct way! ‌I believe it is fate, who you chose to be your teacher. I have been following several BaZi schools during the last year, Finally I decided learning the nature’s way of BaZi with Alan Chong. His method is set up gradually and concentrates on what is essential to know. Once all the unnecessary calculations are eliminated and the reading is based on a few simple rules, you can extract the correct reading out of a BaZi, also at the fundamental level. Alan also brings smashing examples so that every lesson is not only educating but also entertaining… All these real life BaZi readings conclude that nature’s way of BaZi is the only correct method and Alan is the best teacher. Many thanks for such a great time, learning from you. I am definitely looking forward to the intermediate class.

Our client from Singapore who had few Bazi readings before.

The worse thing that can happen to you is when you were told of the wrong favourable element! This is the biggest disaster that can go wrong in a Bazi consultation. Thus when you study or learn Bazi, this would be the ultimate skill to master because getting the wrong reading leads you to the wrong direction in life or the wrong actions to take.

This leads to many Bazi consultants or teachers to move towards modern science for help or use motivation base in their consults since in this way they can remove the dependency on identifying what is the favourable and unfavourable element.

The biggest joke I got from a customer that told me was like this:

This client was facing some problems in life and was seeking out Bazi consultation. Since she prefers an English speaking consultant, there wasn’t many in the market here in Malaysia that is easily available but searching the internet very quickly the famous pops out. She went to this consultantion and after the consultation, she was rather satisfied back then.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Later on the problem continued and thus she was seeking out alternative Bazi consultants since the last consultation did not provide much an information and decided to give teacher Alan a try. Upon reading her Bazi, Alan told this client you can make good money and have an illustrious career life but this major luck cycle, you will face problems in marriage. Bull’s eye!

To cut the long story short, after the consult, this client told teacher Alan, you can identify my career correctly. When asked why she said so? Her reply was the previous consultant from the famous school asked her “Are you financially ok now to pursue your next agenda?”, which means he cannot even tell if she is financially well or otherwise from her Bazi! This was done at a fraction of what she paid for the previous Bazi consultation.

You see, if life isn’t to large extent destined, then why bother reading Bazi or learn Bazi? To make others believe you can do what you can as long you put your heart and soul to it, is like telling a chicken that one day, should you train hard enough, you will be an eagle.

So if you want to learn Bazi, what is your purpose of learning? To be more correct or to be with the crowd? Follow the right teacher, you will go far in this field. This is my story for today.

Stay tuned for our courses announcement here.


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