Albert Camus

As I was reviewing some old works of a friend, Mr. Au Yong Chee Tuck, it struck me on this person, Albert Camus. In his book, he has written a fair bit about Albert’s life history as well as his personal analysis of Albert’s Bazi. You may get his ebook online.

Nobel Prize 1957 – Albert Camus

In his first book by Au Yong Chee Tuck.

In his book, AuYong did highlight an interesting thing about Albert’s Bazi and that is, there are not a single fire in his chart but yet his work has left a legacy. I will not elaborate on Albert’s Bazi again here except on highlight a point.

Albert won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the luck of Ji Wei 己未 in 1957 but it is the same Luck cycle that he passed away in an accident in year 1960.

From his chart, Why is Fire important to him? What would be his Useful God in this chart? Which is more reflective of the theory of Hour or Month as his Career Palace? Why the same Luck cycle was both good and bad to him ?

Learning the correct Bazi method is very important since it is a tool we rely on to give us direction in life. Faulty theory, Faulty answer….you will land yourself in a mine field.

What if Albert was told about 1960 luck, could he had avoided death at a young age of 47? Was it that talented people are not meant to live long ?

Nonetheless, his work of art as well as his literature has inspired many including me especially his thoughts on Absurdism. Do spent some time to watch this video and perhaps it will give you a new perspective in life.


6 thoughts on “Albert Camus”

  1. Hi sir,

    I have two questions from this chart my chart
    bing gui ren ding
    chen si zi mao

    I was born on 10 december 1987 at 8 10 am why 2019 2020 2021 were bad-because of water seaseon?
    2013 2014 2015 very good!

    when fire lp s will come will make me rich?
    now in wu shen lp-2019 was an disaster on this date
    bing bing jia ji
    shen shen xu hai

    from the branch in new lp wu shen-shen combien with zi and chen and put off the fire-or wealth ,in the year hai combine with mao-so strong self destroy the source of money or mao
    ren ding geng
    xu hai zi-fail an big examn
    2021 again
    gui ji xin
    you hai chou-xi combine with bing,and remove useful god,hai clash si ,you clash mao-

    2022 start to make again big money maybe because of fire punishemt si-plus shenfrom lp and from year yin?

    2023 2024 how will be for me in termn of carrer?
    2013 2014 2015 were very good year sfor me ,2015 the best year of my life-maybe because yi or mao appear,but luckuly for me ,wei remove the zi mao contradiction!

    HOW YOU SEE MY FATHER IS VERY RICH-ME NOT SO!I have two specializaiton one in oncology another in clinical pharmacology,what job you think is suit s me when look at this bazi?
    married this year?
    2016 my ex gf divorce from me
    yin jia wu bing
    hai shen xu shen again like 2019-xu clash chen and open water tomb,shen reomove si and shen make from year shen zi chen-from my perspective you from ap remove mao-shen from ap remove si-when fire lp how wil be?I work like nobody!

    Thank you for your time in advance Bazi CONSULT!
    Best wishes,Jrgeorge

  2. hi Bazi consult I believe his carrer is reprezents by hour pillars because of xin information and chou recognition
    what you think about the first comment,
    read as strong dm in lp are very bad,hai clash si xin remove bing,ji you lp you good as control parallel that s why he can be rich in fire ap fire 2013 2015 ,2016 shen stress he s si because si is a ghift for him,have money ,geng can feed but haviley clash by zi and chen…
    I think fire lp s will be anither life since wei will put pressure on competition ren zi
    what you think about gui si dm?
    wish you a good sunday

  3. hi bazi consult,can you random an opinion about my future lp?fire?how it s work this chart?I am jrgeorge87
    thank you

    I am jrgeorge87,wait your opinion about my chart!

    thank you!

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