Correct Way of Reading BaZi

Jack Ma Bazi Chart Analysis

Bazi Astrology tells us our capacity in life and that is, how far we are able to achieve in life. At least this is the Chinese Metaphysics point of view. There maybe other views such as God who decides everything we do.

Jack Ma has been one of the fastest uprising Chinese who has made his fame and fortune just within a span of 10 years or so. Just this year’s 11.11 sales, Alibaba made 25 billion dollar sale in a single day!. Was he fated or destined to reach what he is today or purely hard word, positive thoughts and foresight?

I found his time of birth in the internet and so let’s see from the Bazi point of view what his natal chart can tell us.

Jack Ma Bazi Natal Chart

What is so special about his chart?

Since we are on the subject wealth, let’s focus on it. Since Jack Ma is a Ren 壬 Day master thus his wealth element is the Fire. Thus Bing 丙 and Ding 丁 represents his wealth in his Bazi Chart.

If we inspect his chart, there are only 2 little fire hidden in the Hidden Heavenly Stem inside the Yin 寅 and Xu 戌. With very little fire in his chart why is he able to amass so much wealth and fame?

That’s quantity counting of wealth element which is not always true.

Then he was born in Autumn 🍂 and during Autumn, the fire 🔥 Qi which is also his wealth is also weak. Thus if we were to look from the Quality point of view, it too does not explain why his Bazi brings him so such fame and wealth.

Both Quantitative and Qualitative wise, the fire is not strong in his chart, so where did the money coming from?

If you are a student from the Strong and Weak school, then a Ren 壬 Day master born in Autumn should be a strong Day Master. If he is strong thus Output and Wealth is favourable while Friends and Rob Wealth is unfavourable for him and he has both of them.

Little Wealth Element In His Bazi Chart

However we know his wealth (fire) is very “weak” in his chart. His output which is represented by Wood element which he has it in the Yin 寅 & Jia 甲. Quality wise, Wood is also considered weak and a dead Qi (in Autumn) in his chart. Can this wither tree generate good wealth?

A strong Day master according to this school of thought, any friend or rob wealth is not desirable but he has both of them. Although some schools will say hey, its on the heavenly stem so the competition is weak since they focus a lot on the branch. But if that is the case, what element is his fans represented? Why is the fans based so large?

The BaZi 6 Combinations 六合

Did you notice there is a combination of You 酉 and Chen 辰? This combination brings about even more metal Qi!

The Confused Officer

So what happens to the Earth element (Officer) since Resource (metal) is that strong 💪🏼 in his chart, thus will the Earth element lean towards “strengthening “ the Day Master if we were to follow the method of Strong & Weak Day Master?

Based on the above, how do we explain or reconcile the actual and the theory? What is the Correct way of Understanding one’s destiny or Bazi.?

At BaziConsult, we deploy the method of nature reading which easily explains why Jack Ma has such capacity to achieve.


7 thoughts on “Correct Way of Reading BaZi”

  1. Hi…what you think about my bazi?
    10 december 1987 8:10 am
    I am born in super rich family..
    Can t acces there money…I am a doctor,wa t to be a bussinsemnan.may ji you lp destroy all…this year I will enter in wu shen lp.
    Bing gui ren ding
    Chen si zi mao

  2. Hi nin99,I read as strong dm.for gui si dm
    This lp should be better than previous(ji you),fire lp s will make him super rich!Are you agree,bazichic?

  3. Hi Baziconsult,
    How you rating this chart up:
    bing gui ren ding
    chen si zi mao

    1.if he is strong then shen zi chen when shen wu lp arrived,mean s no money for him?
    2.when fire lp arrive -strong money for 30 year s?

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