Online BaZi Course C19

This is an Online course using Live teaching for Bazi Practitioner Level 1. We will be conducting it in a Secret Facebook Group to be set up. The method of delivery will be by Google Meet platform. Thus a email address is needed.

Will send class Google Meet link to your FACEBOOK MESSENGER

Class is divided into 4 sections and each section can be paid individually. However student cannot skip levels meaning to move to level 3 you must complete level 1 and 2.

There are notes/slide to be distributed according to levels with students. Each lecture session is about 60-90 mins depending on chapters. Students should read the notes before class once as the lecture will only highlights the important points and the oral knowledge.

Course Start Date: 30 January 2023

We have alternate day lecture like Monday, Wednesday & Friday… until Class ends which is typically about 6-7 classes. Every lesson is at 900pm (21:00) Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur time. Students should have time to think and relearn each concept before next lecture. Student may ask question via email or at designated Facebook posting which I will do allocate accordingly. (exact days may change according to situation)

Each batch best about 10 students with a minimum of 3 to start. Class conducted in English.

The Nature’ Way Of BaZi

Part 1 – Estimated 1-2 sessions lecture. (For those who wants to try out our teaching methodology)

  1. Introduction to Destiny and Bazi
  2. Yin Yang
  3. 5 Elements Theory
  4. Chinese Calendar system & sub seasons.
  5. How to use the Chinese Calendar and Plot your Bazi

Part 2 – Estimated 1-2 sessions lecture. Depending on situation it can be more.

  1. The Concept of Chinese Hour & its Implication to your Bazi Chart.
  2. 10 Heavenly Stems & their characters
  3. 12 Earthly Branches & their applications.
  4. Hidden Heavenly Stems & their implications.

Part 3 – Estimated 2-3 sessions lecture. Depending on situation it can be more.

  1. Seasons and How it affects Bazi reading.
  2. Day Master and The True meaning of Strength of Day master.
  3. Clashes and their resolving method.
  4. Combinations and their implications.
  5. Harms, Destruction, Punishments
  6. 10 Gods & Their Characters & Relationships.

Part 4 – Estimated 2-3 sessions lecture.

  1. Palaces & which is your rightful Career palace and why we say so.
  2. Concept of Useful God and Type 1 Useful God 用神.
  3. Basic Steps to Bazi Reading. We shall teach how to blend all information above into reading a Bazi Chart.
  4. Case Study – 6 cases with template.

If you pay by TransferWise (overseas) or direct bank transfer (within M’sia). Please enquire within for the available Course fees.

Students of Baziconsult who wish to do a revision, please email me privately or FB Messenger to register yourself.

Requirements or Pre Requisites

1.You are expected to remember and master the 10 Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches Chinese Characters even though the class is conducted in English.

2.Come with an open mind and those without prior or little knowledge of Bazi is the best. Those with knowledge from other schools please let me know below in the form so I will access if its suitable or not.

3.Be Independent and do your homework. Do not expect teacher to spoon feed students. Practice makes perfect. Teacher cannot do the gym work for your muscle to grow, student have to the work to see the results.

What Is Unique About This Course?

  • Interactive with Teacher who is a practicing consultant.
  • Proven method on the field.
  • Able to understand your own Bazi as this is considered an Intermediate level outside.
  • Understand how in the old day Bazi is read and treated with remedy.
  • Many Bazi myth will be unveiled so you have clarity when reading Bazi.
  • Step by step guidance on 6 real cases how to read Bazi.
  • How to use this skill to manage your life better.
Nature’s Way of Bazi System to explain Bob’s case

Testimonials From Previous Class

I appreciate the opportunity to learn the Nature Way of Reading Bazi. It has been a short period of learning yet I find that I am able to better grasp the Bazi concepts in this class compared to learning from other Bazi teachers out there.

The short homework provided after each short classes help to consolidate the learning provided in class. Master Alan Chong was able to provide corrections to wrong response, to help me correct my understanding.

The highlight of the class would be the Case Study interpretation, which is essential to help consolidate the vast amount of knowledge gathered across one’s Bazi study. It would take time to get to Master Alan Chong level of understanding, but I am taking one step closer to being able to read Bazi more accurately with this Beginner class.

I look forward to join Bazi Intermediate 1 and 2 class in the near future, and learn the true art of reading Bazi! – Zeb S’pore

Thanks for your patience to teach us online how to read Bazi in nature way for past 3 weeks.

One important lesson that i learn is about Useful God which is very important in someone natal chart

I am very satisfied with the opportunity to join Master Alan ‘s class. I wish can study this further in intermediate class….Kosim, Indonesia

Bazi Class with Alan is very enjoyable and allows for digestion, with the way he conducts the class and the notes he gave out. I find it very comprehensive and the wlevel of understanding I takeaway is way more the other classes I attended. Personally enjoyed it because the examples he gave are very straightforward and clear cut. – Clara, Spore.

Registration Form

To Register, fill up this form below. Applications subject to approval and vetting. Once approved you will be notified via email.

Payment mode by Bank Transfer to Malaysia Bank via TT or WISE or Paypal (surcharge 5%)

200/500/ 950 / 1300