Synopsis of our Books…

The Correct Way of Understanding A Person’s Destiny.

The Misconceptions of the Strong and the Weak. [pg 94]

What does it mean by strong or weak? In many Bazi teachings and books, the focus on a good versus a not so good chart were on how strong or how weak the Day Master was, with reference to the other elements in the chart. Many learners have been confused by this concept: how do we determine the strength or weakness? Just like the concept of far and near; how far or near depends on how you define distance based on your criteria. Strength and weakness are relative terms. How can we judge the strength or weakness? What are the criteria?….

The True meaning of Weak or Strong [pg 99]

Ancient classical Bazi has made references on “strong and weak”. Many modern Bazi practitioners and their books have made interpretations in the way as described in the above Jia person. The meaning of strong and weak have been wrongly construed! This is one of the reasons why many practitioners and learners have been unable to read Bazi chart correctly…..

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