Bazi Missing Element

Most schools teaches students that one must balance the chart. Thus when the Day Master is weak, he needs to be strengthened and vice versa. When one, chart is balanced, we can then say, that is a good Bazi chart. As one celebrity master said, a chart with all 5 elements is a balanced chart and thus a better Bazi Chart. This in turn will be reflected in the person’s life that is called a good life or destiny chart.

Bazi Balancing

This often raise 2 eyebrows. First is the common question is, “What if I don’t have all 5 elements than am I having a bad Bazi chart?”. Well there are many unsuccessful people who has all 5 elements in their Bazi Chart and same time there are some successful people who only have 2 major elements while the other 3 are just minor traces of element.

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