Cristiano Ronaldo BaZi – Portugal Euro 2016 Champion

One of the highest paid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo lead Portugal to win Europe cup 2016 and bring the cup back to Portugal after 43 years! He even acted as “manager” of the team to inspire his team mates to win the cup while on the bench.


What made the year of Bing Shen (丙申) so good for him on top of an already good life? Can BaZi reveal something about this ability?

Is Output An Indicator of Talent?

This chart no doubt is a Strong Yi 乙 Day Master which ever theory you may subscribe to. According to common knowledge, a Strong Day Master’s favourable element is Output (Fire) and Wealth (Earth). He has very little fire and yet extremely talented! Can the small fire of Bing 丙 make the huge difference?

Is Having Many Wealth Element Alone, An Indicator Of Richness?

Ok yes he has plenty of wealth but same time he has plenty of Friends and Rob Wealth (Wood) stars and Resource (Water) ! This makes BaZi seemingly confusing and hard, isn’t it? Well it is not if you know the Correct way of understanding a person’s destiny.

Cristiano Ronaldo


The major luck of Jia Xu (甲戌 ) is where his Useful God the Jia 甲 is here. Contrary to common BaZi knowledge a Strong Day Master, seeing the Wealth Robber or Rob Wealth which ever way you call it, is usually bad. How come now the Rob Wealth is favorable?

2016 comes another useful god the Bing 丙.  Then you have the Shen 申 Clashing the Yin 寅at the Earthly Branches. Contrary to the common knowledge a “Clash ” is supposed to be bad or meeting obstacles!. If one explains this year is good because of the arrival of the Fire Output, then how does one justify his many years of success when he is lacking of Fire in his BaZi?

The Hai 亥 then has a Harm relationship with Shen 申. Harm is supposed to be another undesirable thing you want to see in a BaZi….Is something seriously missing here? or the common knowledge is deficient somewhere ?

Then how does one reconcile the Harm with a Combination of Hai 亥 and Yin 寅?

Just as one concerned retired father was worry about his son’s Bazi because he has read from many sources and has not gotten the full picture of Bazi, caused unnecessary worrying. Eager students may also wrongly advice their friends.

Conventional wisdom from books do not always give the full picture. Books are just tools to bring about awareness and introduce the subject & this is especially true in Chinese Metaphysics. In depth knowledge are often kept for the inner circles of students because the road in Chinese metaphysics is always long, hard and costly to them. Cost here not only mean physical money but also time and research. On top of this, the responsibility is high. Wrong advice will ruin the future of people as I have observed from my years of consulting.

BaZi has in some way become “the more you know the more you don’t know” and it is really frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be this way, you only need to change your paradigm in BaZi reading to the Correct Way of Understanding our Destiny.





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